What SBCs are still available? - Another Raspberry Pi 4 & Co. discussion

I was shopping around for similar reasons, you have to remember most items purchased from AliExpress goes through flat-rate shipping which can take up to 45 days. The only thing to keep in mind is the Raspberry Pi is a quad-core A72, the closest Pi clones are Rockchip 3399 which is a hexcore(dual-core A72 paired with a quad-core A53) and cost wise they tend to start at $90 for a 4GB model(hard to get 8GB models of Rockchip 3399 boards).

On Kickstarter there is the Vision 2 RISC-V quad-core board you can still back, its too early to say how good Linux support is but the original Vision board performed decently.

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Ordering from Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited works just fine in my experience (Orange Pi)

Because Broadcom SoCs that RPi uses aren’t suited for mobile devices? They’re slow, there’s little to no support available for anyone else than the RPi Foundation and energy efficiency (functionality) is poor. There are some projects like Pinebook Pro but you’re likely not buying it because it’s a powerhouse in terms of performance or great battery life (it still manages around 6-8h it seems) but because it uses open source friendly hardware and possibly because it’s ARM arch.

Not sure why you’re suggesting Qualcomm, overall support is less than great (at least historically) in terms of open source and most SoCs are targeted towards tablets and mobile phones. There are some that are targeted towards laptops but they’re far form the 35$ range.

Not sure that you mean about the RPi compute module, it’s nothing spectacular. It does serve a purpose but it’s probably not your first choice in general unless you have specific requirements that makes it a better candidate than other options.

QuatzPro64, Radxa Rock 5, Khadas Vim4, Odroid M1…

Khadas Edge is looking good.