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What RTX 2080 gpu should i get? or to buy 1080 ti?


Very much depends on your deffinition of “ultra”. If you´re looking to crank every setting to the max just because, it can´t even do 144fps now as this guy above established. But many of those settings that tank your fps don´t do a whole lot of anything for improved looks and especially gameplay.

I´d also argue that 80fps is plenty when you´re playing a game like Assassins creed Origins. If you´re playing something more competitive, you´re likely getting far more fps (say overwatch ~170fps on a 1080 (non ti)). And when you look at racing games like Dirt 4 you´re also getting 120fps.

You´ll be reasonably fine for at least 2 years I´d say. But I´m a bit hesitent to make big statements, because the 1080ti has already been around for like… forever without getting a real replacement. It´s replaced by the 2080 once the 1080ti are all gone. But that´s not better, it´s just more of the same thing.

I for instance have a 1070 now with a 1440p 144hz gsync monitor and it does fine in gaming for my needs, since 1 1/2 years roughly. Recently got myself rise of the tomb raider cause it was 13€ on steam. Runs great at 70-90fps too. Yes ofc I can crank the setting to the max and then end up with 50fps. But for me at least the difference in visual fidelity is so minimal. That I really could not care less about it.


Listen, a 1080ti & 2080 are functionally the same. there are a few edge cases where the 2080 is faster, but if those games where it is, are not on your list of desired games to play then you will be throwing money down a well for slight marginal gains.

That said they will both be just fine for your desired gaming for >=2 years. Buy which ever you can find for cheaper.


I think the best way to put it is the 1080ti is still a top tier card nowadays. If your game does not run decently well on it in the forseeable future. You didnt pick the wrong card, but the game youre playing is either optimized like garbage (and nobody can run it) or the max settings are just massive overkill.

I dont know if this argument is good for me. I used to tell my dad this once when programs did stupid stuff every now and then on his skylake quad core machine with a ssd basically using it for office workloads. I told him that he in fact does not need an upgrade, because his pc is not the problem. Sometimes programs just behave stupidly. Like Windows when youre trying to copy stuff from your old os disk to your new one takes about 20 seconds to open your home folder on the old disk. Why does it do that? I dont know ask microsoft. But my dads reaction to this was “OH MY GOD! MY PC IS SO DAMN SLOW!”.
Ever since then everytime something does not work im getting the “Its the programmers fault.” implying its my fault from him. :frowning:


i agree will all these things


now i have one another question
because i will buy one new monitor and new card.
but also i have created one new thread for gaming monitor and from yesterday
they havent aswered me so i will copy you what i wrote in my thread with the monitor and i am very comfused because i dont know which monitor to buy
I was looking for some 1440p 27 size monitors to get. Here is a list I thought were good. , Acer xb271hu, Aoc AG271QG, , viewsonic XG2 703 GS… If you guys have other recommendations please answer me! . I like ips panels because they have the best colors but even ways if anyone can give me other recommendations please answer or give ur experience with what monitor that is 1440p you had. Thanks and have a great day.

my budget is 700 - 800 euros

I have also some links for all these monitors 3

i want to tell me which from these 4 monitors are the best?>?>
which are the positives and the negatives for these 4 monitors

i want to tell me your thoughts for these 4 monitors.
i want to help me and to tell which monitor to buy from these 4>?>?
because in one month i will buy new monitor and i must know which to buy from these 4.

i want to give me every information that you have or that you know for these 4 monitors…

my questions is from all these 4 monitors which you believe is better??
did you see the link with all these 4 monitors?

Viewsonic XG2703-GS
Acer XB271HU
Asus PG279Q

do you know which is the best monitor from all these 4?

i want to buy one monitor with 1440p / IPS / 27 G-SYNG

if someone has very big knowlege and experience for these 4 monitors i would like to advise me which to buy from these 4 monitors

i want to help me please
because i dont know which to buy from all these 4 monitors
for Build quality , Styling,Ghost-free overdrive, Outstanding all-round image quality;;; Great gaming performance
Overclocking mode with 175Hz refresh rate and Excellent builtin profiles for near perfect calibration;;;; picture quality and performance?? which monitor from all these 4 is the best>>?

and i am very gratefull that you will help me.//


can someone help me pleaSE?


Would honestly say, buy the one that gives the most functionality for the prices. They are all very similar. You may want to go into a store and see the colour depth in person too