What router should I buy

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I hate the router my cable company (UPS Cablecom Schweiz) has given me. I need to have the "same" IP address in the whole house as I am using a NAS. But the given router can't handle the dhcp server that has about 30 all time active devices. I want to go with something not to expensive 100-200 $ and W-Lan is not impotent as I have 3 AP in the house.

I looked at a Tek Syncicate video some time ago where the mention the Asus RT N16 . The TS video is not new and I was wondering if there is a new Generation of the N16 router. That may be the router for me as I like the fact that I can use Linux on the N16.

What router solution are u using? Now I have The Cablecom Router with a big switch that connects to the NAS, 4 PC and 3 W-Lan AP.

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Hmmm if you have 3 Ap's around the house I fail to see the need for a wireless router but Ill provide some catgorized Suggestions. I am not exactly sure what you want or fully desire out of a router so yeah. What I would really like to know is how many ports do you need... and what kinda feature set are you looking for. I will provide standard suggestions below that only have 4 ports and one WAN at 10/100/1000 speeds

Wireless Routers
Linksys 1900 AC

Wired Routers -- I would go small business if I were you in this category. They are typically nicer.
Cisco Small Business RV130-K9-NA VPN Router
Most routers will do. but I like that one if your looking for a small 4 port gigabit router with a lot of nice features.. including vpn support

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I don't need a wireless router, just a router, that should manage all ips, if it has WLan or not dosn't matter as you said I have 3 AP so I'm fine with that. Fact is it is sort of hard to buy a router nowerdays without WLan. To be clear there is a cable running from the Line in to the basement with the NAS and to the 2. floor. In every floor there is an wireless AP for mobiles and Laptops. There is allsaw a cable to our home cinema and the printer. I don't need an other wireless AP but at the Line in to our house there is the slow Cablecom router that has to be replaced.

I like the Cisco router you mentioned.

sorry for realy bad english, I suck at spelling.

Mikrotik routers are good value and have good reviews

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Mikrotik-Routerboard-RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN-Port-Ethernet/dp/B00BGIXOHQ

Yeah looks like something but I don't need the slow 100 Ethernet ports, as everything else in my network is gigabit.

Always a good option if you have old PC's lying around

Well I looked at that video some time ago and I even set up an old PC. Clearly a PC is much better then a router but if you look at power consumption (I'm a bit green :-) ) the PC needs about 10 more power then a router and I don't want to burn 80 W p h. so I disagree with Logan/Wendell that a PC is always better . I had a server some time back and that even needed 120 W p h so about 1.9 kW a day. That 365 days a year that's 700 kW a year. -> no thanks

I run pf since on a Intel atom Slim desktop with dual gigabit nics. Cost was about 200, but its solid, and consumes about 10-15w.
add ram and run os off usb drive.

OP You sound like a perfect candidate for a Mikrotik unit. The smaller RBs are only like 80 bucks and can be tweaked to your hearts content.

Thanks I think you got me. :-)

This or grab a alix negate with pfsense.
I'M pfsense is easier to configure and more powerful.

CNET's list of the best, but most are really expensive: http://www.cnet.com/topics/networking/best-networking-devices/