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What rap are you listening to right now?



Been enjoying this album for the last week


masterful , Lyrics are:

fast awake and agitated wonderdrug bad mistake stomach sunk with candy cane fishin lures that lacerate as i shake she hold me close but dont speak i wont either eyelids weighed down with copper save my two cents for the boatkeeper shook me in and out of daydreams hands across my chest i say dont worry its peace these burgundy sheets will camoflauge the mess climb between her saying this gifts an uzi baby whisper to me girl she told me god and santa claus were dead wrapped in silk two caterpillars one coccoon we’re under now but when the cycles done theres just one butterfly thats comin out its the sickest kind of love neither hungry for the truth and while im crippled by the drugs shes just a glutton for abuse we’d reach the highest mountain and after it erupt she said im in her heart while cringin from the cancer in her gut she’d threaten exodus id hold my throat in barritone until she barrel rolled across me givin off the sweetest pheremones this periscopes collectin dust the lens is fuckin shattered but theres a hundred answers as to why the surface doesnt matter all survival skills depleted got only time to kill I make a path to the bathroom through expired pills and hydro bills this third floor holy water aint enough to ease my trembling if im a write this story backwards then i need to reach an ending something golden turned to ugly from those bottled up emotions mommy almost but her tummy wasnt strong enough to hold it



Now this is the good stuff!












Been awhile …