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What rap are you listening to right now?



Love some UD

The direct continuation to the piece at the end of that last song

And one more because it is just good groovin’.


Timeless classic:


This version is better though, I think.




Richard J. Amtmann

Wu Tang - The new album.

A Tribe Called Quest

Chance The Rapper

In general been listening to old Hip Hop. Not so much a fan of Rap as Hip Hop. I miss the Four Pillars of Hip Hop. I will admit that some of the kids are doing some awesome things with the mix tape scene. They are discovering the elements that made Hip Hop appealing back in the day.


J Dilla’s Donuts album


Gravediggaz - Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide


Lyrically, no one else is on his plain.


That is a a bold statement. But I am liking the new Eminem. No more gimmicks, just raw talent and passion.



Now go back and re-listen to his anthology.


And now Imitation,

@Mastic_Warrior - still goin






Its Tetsuo & Youth by Lupe Fiasco, but its not picking up the title through the link.


I appreciate you. I will say that yes, M is one of the greatest lyricists and I am digging the sober person more than ever. Opinions are opinions, I will leave it at that.



Keith + DOOM: