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What rap are you listening to right now?



OMG! It has been awhile .. awesome rap .. my God ..


RIP Tupac Shakur. 20 years to the day.



Just from your name and profile pic Im suprised (and disapointed kek) that you didnt mention eminem


Really guys?

No Project Pat?

No Evil Pimp?

No Ty $?



Em isn't the only rapper haha, but here you go


I just bought this song off iTunes (dirty version and not this version) ....


Haha... Captain Save a Hoe. Classic.

Glad to see another fan of old-skool Bay Area rap on here.


All about that underground bruh especially Speaky people been sleeping on him since 2010


Great song, possibly even better video.



I have had The Mouse Outfits - Step Steadier stuck in my head all day.

Also good is Lazy Habits - Memory Banks.




Keep Ya Head up)




@Shady that video and rappin' by J Dilla was damn good. Now do I understand it all lyrically? No. As for these guys are they making real $$$$? If not they should be.


"Worldwide Choppers" - Tech N9ne


"Rap God" - Eminem


J Dilla wasn't rapping, J Dilla died in 2006 due to some kind of blood disease.

The rappers in the video were Supa Emcee, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson. J Dilla produced the beat.