What RAM are you running with Asus sWRX80?

The QVL doesn’t list an 8x64gb configuration, nor does it list ram by Nemix which in my case is using sk hynix chips. This begs the question, what is @Wendell using ? Because clearly he’s running a similar setup with no issues. Logically, if the chips are from an approved vendor, the 288 pins on the rdimms lineup the same and seat properly the system shouldn’t be having trouble posting and giving a dram error. Oh and BTW the screen stays completely blank the entire time despite having radeon pro gpu.

Nemix Ram. I’m not using 64g sticks, just 16g.
Had to return 2, which were very promptly exchanged.
They were available and preform as advertised. Except for the 25% failure out of box.
As the old saying goes. YMMV.

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thx for your feedback. I just sent my ram back and think /hope that’s the case but likely will do an RMA on the board just to be safe.

For diagnosing memory issues, pay attention to the debug code LED if the board has one.

Most server boards in my experience so far default to expecting the video to be on Slot 1 which is the one farthest from the cpu socket.

I would try your external video card in that slot so you can at least get into the BIOS.

Then the BIOS may or may not have a menu choice to set which slot has an external VGA card in it and where to default send the console video output.

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Solid advice :ok_hand:t4:.
Gpu is in the 1st slot at the bottom of the board, and ram slots E & F seem to be the “problem child” of the board (not to mention the Q-code led is stuck on dram but showing code 27.
Gpu is connected to Sony smart tv via dp 1.4 to hdmi adapter. What I find perplexing is that even after figuring out which RAM slot might be bad and if I’m lucky enough to get it to post, I still see absolutely nothing on the screen. Can’t help but feel like a platform this new should definitely have some rudimentary drivers. I’m really quite baffled

Select 64GB (or even 128GB) en click the search button…

i see 64GB and even 128GB modules listed…(yes for ALL 8 slots)

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Can you try a conventional monitor connection via hdmi or DP and not through an adapter?

I’m thinking the adapter to the TV is not being recognized as a legal monitor to throw output onto.

Sweet, thx. I’ll give that a go and see what happens.

Unfortunately no, I don’t. You make a solid point though.

it does not work for you?

Samsung M393A8G40AB2-CWEGQ 64GB 3200

If you have a vga display handy try the vga header and see if the BMC shows anything.

Only have my smart tv but may go pick up a basic monitor just to rule it out.

Thx, I’ll look into this!

Individual sticks are easy enough to get but getting a kit has always been strongly recommended.

Why do you thing Asus has certified that stick on all 8 channels in all suppprted configs?

So you can buy these not in a kit…