What PSU Wattage?

Hey guys I'm going for another system build now on the Haswell CPUs and newest generation GeForce cards!

I need to know what PSU is appropriate, these are the specs I'll be getting:

Intel Core i7-4770

ASUS GeForce GTX 760

Corsair Dominator Pro 1600 8GB

Western Digital 1TB Black HDD

Samsung 840 Series 120GB SSD


You could use up to 300w 12V on full load, so you should go with a psu that can give you 350w 12v or more. You could get away with a quality 400w psu, but those usually dont have 2 6pins. Get a proper 500w psu and be fine.

400watt maximum. I had a comparable setup and it ate only 220watts-280 watts from the wall. Where are you from? If from europ I can wholeheartely recommend the be quiet straight power e9 400 watt. Superior efficiency in idle and load+inaudible.

I'm from Australia. 

I'm looking for a modular Corsair PSU, should 500W do enough?

500 watt is most definitely enough, too much actually since it will make efficiency at idle suffer. I bet you are looking at the cx series? They are not the greatest but they'll do the job. Just make sure that you have one 6pin and one 8pin vga connector. Could you link the site where you will be buying? i'll take a look.

Yeah just get the 500w and call it a day.  

Don't call it a day OP. take a look here in the 400-499watt category and see if you can get any of those where you live http://www.overclock.net/t/183810/faq-recommended-power-supplies

The cx500m would leave you room to upgrade to basicly any single gpu card later on, it has 80+ efficiency on 20% load so i wouldnt worry about efficiency too much. You could also use most 400w psus if you use a 2x 4pin to 6 pin adaptor, but i wouldnt trust those running a overclocked 780.

He uses a 760. he could roll with that easily till 20nm drops and that will mean the top thier GPU will probably have a power draw around the 760. There are 400watt PSUs which have the six pin and eight pin connectors native, I have one like that. I used to run 3770k and gtx 760 on a mITX board with one ssd and couple of fans. With folding at home full bore both on GPU and CPU power draw was 224watt from the wall(so 200watt load on PSU). While gaming it fluctuated around 240 watt at high graphics games like crysis 3 and spiked to 280watt max. This was with 760 on max overclock and 3770k stock. Just to give you some perspective. In furmark and prime95 simultaneously you would reach 350 perhaps. But that is a scenario I don't recommend and will never occur while gaming So you don't need to calculate on that.

Ah, the sweet smell of accuracy. Thank you, Ribozyme.

Yes, this rig, being Haswell and 7xx, will pull roughly 320W with a moderate overclock on the 760. I'd get a Seasonic G 360, if I were you, or, if you can't find the G 360, a G 450, Rosewill Capstone 450, or even an XFX Pro 450.

So what's the problem with the 500w?

500W is overkill, and lowers efficiency.

Go for a 450W. You're better off getting a 450W with high efficiency than a 500W+ with lower efficiency.

Also if you want to check estimated wattages easily use pcpartpicker.

Yeah I would say 450w just for headroom to upgrade if you choose so.  It would suck having to drop more money on a powersupply when it's time to upgrade your gpu.

I have seen estimates on PcPartPicker over 500W more than needed. Don't trust any calculators.

The trend of power consumption of computer components is down not up. So if he holds on to the 660ti for only a year, the 20nm top of the line GPUs next year will have around the same power consumption as the 660ti. Just a guess though. If he holds on to the 660ti for 2 years it is sure that the top of the line graphics cards in 2 years will have aeound or lower power consumption than 660ti. Only if he anticipates on buying a 780 or 9970, then he should up the PSU to 450-500. Anyway OP let us now what you pick and if you need any more advice.

I might get the Corsair CX-500 Modular 80+ PSU. Any negative things about it before I buy? Thanks a lot guys!

your only half right. while devices are using less and less power electrically, they're also getting more and more powerful performance wise. for instance- the 7870 is on about on par with the 6970 performance wise, and runs 75 watts under it, it runs 25 watts over the 6870. so its more performance per watt, but its much higher performance. CPU's are experiencing this as well. that's why haswell uses less then 100w, CPU power doesn't scale as easily as GPU. so the wattage drops more steeply.

I'd expect that the next gen GPU's on the 22-20nm lithography will consume an amount slightly more then current first rate GPU's, but provide an unholy, titian killing amount of power. looking at leaked (but possibly fake) specs on the 9970, it'll be more powerful then the 7990. even with power savings from the 22nm architecture, that's still gonna drink juice. the 9870 might take less the the 7970, but you know it's gonna be more then the 7870's paltry 175 watts. and while you might be able to run the 9770 on PCI-e slot power alone. people won't understand why your using a card that can't run star citizen on medium settings.

500 is good, you've got

i7-4770K- 84w

GTX 760- 170

2 sticks of DDR3- 22

HDD- 35

840 SSD- not worth mentioning.

so around 320 watts consumption by JEDEC and released wattage's off what you gave me.

FANS! FANS! FANS!- these with eat your lunch if you leave them out! 4.5 watts per fan. include any fans on the CPU cooler.

disk drives- the net says allow 35 watts per DVD/blueray drive. a quick JEDEC check on a lite-on Bluray checks it at 36.6 watts. (Amps times Volts, remember- it uses both 5v and 12v- so add those together.)

so an average amount of fans an a single drive brings it to about 380. I personally prefer about 50-100 watts head room. so 500 is good.

(HAND CALCULATED from JEDEC! not PSU calculators. a PSU calc rated this at 400 watts even.)

Alrighty. I've ordered the PSU. THANKS A LOT! (that was not sarcasm.)