What psu to chose?

I'm building a rig for a friend and am wondering about how much power to give it?

here's the specs:

CPU: A8 6600k (any need for OC this with this board?)


RAM: 2x4gb Crucial Ballistic 1333mhz(was on sale)

GPU:r9 280x (topps) or a 270/x(will add it l8tr when he gets more money)

Storage: 1tb blue WD (+ an ssd l8tr)

so will a Seasonic SS-430gb be enough or should i get a SS-520gb?

Is Corsair CX500M any better or worse?


500W would be enough, but realy why an APU setup if you planning to go with a dedicated GPU?  going with a R9-280X with FX8320 and Asus M5A99X evo R2.0 mobo would give you much more performance.

1333mhz ram i would personaly choose for 1600mhz or better.

heh that setup is a lot more expensive in Serbia, I chose the APU cuz he'll be able to use the system while he waits for an upgrade.