What program for in-game monitoring?

So I have two evga 970s in SLI, I use precisioj X for my monitoring and fan curves which works perfectly fine for me. However I do want some in-game monitoring of gpu USAGE, and cpu USAGE. Temps I can get from RealTemp and all that, fps from shadowplay. I think Hwinfo is somettlhing I can use but Im unsure, is that it? If so is there anuthing better anyone recommends?

I think some games have stuff like that accessible from the command line but otherwise you might have to use 2 monitors

HWMonitor is pretty good for what you're after.

Yea I was gonna grab Hwinfo when I got home, definitely dont need a second monitor :P. Plenty of videos woth monitors showing in game, some use MSI afterburner, and as I wrote this somepne mentioned Hwinfo, just wanted to see if there was anything better. Thanks!