What processor to use for content creation

Warning, I am getting drunk as fuck toniht so I don’t smoke weed, however I am still lucid enough to not be a fucking idiot yet. However, this is something I have been cooking since VRChat came out and vtubers weren’t a thing yet.

Ok so call me a weeb but I am into this vtube thing. IRL I am a but of a… well, more involved person, and knowing more rique peeps are out there making a mint on my vibes is like wow wait can I do that.

If u know what I mean lul ok I know I am drunk now

Anyways, I don’t want to be too far off on my available specs, but I will admit I know very little about xeons unless they say pentium 4 on the front. I have a PC that these beautiful men at L1 sent me. Actually a board, an Asus X79-LE. I got a chip with it, but I am really concerned about core count and optimal setup. Also incoming other thread later lol.

Anyways the chip I got is a E5 1620. Just dicking around I can hit 4.7 on the ryzen RGB cooler, but in the mail I have a bracket for my H100iV2. i am concerned though, I want my machine to be able to do what I set out to do when it was ryzen based. It needs to be able to handle at minimum 2 separate GPU systems from an RX580 (because honestly I may never have anything better than that until it gets replaced as the cheap option in like 6 yrs) all the way down to legit an 8800GTS OC. The mpst powerful 8800 on the market.

I had to stop to send a voice message and am at rambling drunk phase just sayin

So atp I am getting neurotic about what cpu do I use. My 1620 has to compete with a 2690 and I am kinda amped that I even have that many ores available. But, again reiterating, will my 1620 be enough? Will I get throttled by not having enough cores?

My E5 maxes out at 4.7GHZ. I plan to have recording software, modeling software, games, and probably a bunch of dtop apps running all at once. I guess I’m not guna know until I try, but I am a nut about “DID I DO THE OPTIMAL THING” so I wanna bump check.


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