What power supply form factor does this case support?

Recently got this server chassis, however, I have no idea what PSU form factor it uses (ex. Standard ATX). I’ve already tried standard atx power supply (Corsair HX650), however, it’s height is slightly too tall for this 3U case.

Any help is welcome. Thanks!

That has a tab that list the compatible PSU’s on the site you linked.


Looks like SFX.

EDIT: Definitely not SFX.

2U and 3U server power supplies.

Also yeah it has a list of compatible ones.

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Guys, I noticed it has a list of compatible PSU’s. I guess no one noticed that none of those PSU’s (AFAIK) actually list their form factor.

Are those standard form factors for PSU’s, such as Standard ATX?

Edit: Like, can I search “3U power SUpplies” on Newegg or CDW, and find only compatible PSU’s that will fit inside of this case?

Yes they are.

Most of the time yeah. You can just search for 2U or 3U PSUs and find one that works.

Though they aren’t an exact standard (always on every chassis). Prob better off just grabbing one of the recommended ones or one that is very similar in dimensions to ensure proper fit.

But yeah you’re gonna need server stuff.

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I thought they were? One rack unit (U) is 1.75" tall, so 1U PSUs are 1.75" tall and usually horizontal, 2Us can be up to 3.5" tall, etc.

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Alright, thanks @DerKrieger and @Ruffalo !

Yeah I said generally they are.

Servers though can always have some weirdness in them though so always better to double check

Revised original post for clarity


Server power supplies.

Because its a server case.

For servers.