What Plans You Got for Halloween?

I think I'll get a white wig and be Julian assange and harass hillary clintons.
Or a zookeeper outfit with a rifle labelled Cincinnati Zoo on it.
What u doing forum?


I'm 20, halloween is dead to me

I just buy candy, sit in my basement at my desk shitposting memes and wondering what I've done with my life while everyone else is having a good time





Il be trying not to hate Valve. It gets harder every year.

i wish i could dress as donald trump and carry around a blow up doll, constantly grabbing it's crotch.


go as a basket of deporables


super glue it to your hand

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It' s like a man never touched a woman before in an inappropriate place. 7 billion people would like a word with you.

It is. If it's even half true.

well, even if he's not the first or the last, it's still kinda fucked up. but yeah, among the shitty things men can do to women it's pretty low down there... but as your president? our leaders are not suppose to be 'just like us' they are suppose to be better than us. you know those costumes where it looks like you're riding a horse or yoshi? make it donald riding hiliary in one of her space librarian suits

Should wear a Make America Great Again hat and the Hillary I'm with her shirt.

Go around and say that you like both so much its hard to choose.


or be JFK with a bloody gaping hole in your head...


I was considering going out but im on call Halloween, hopefully next year though.
Really want to have Kaneki's mask from Tokyo Ghoul

I don't know why, but I thought you were in your late 20s for some reason. Don't know why I didn't make the correlation that shit memes = possible young person.

your quote is as shitty as your insults


nvm...kek ;)

Probably going to take my nephew and niece trick or treating while my brothers go out to some event with friends dressed as street fighter characters.

Wish I had a car to go out with friends.

biggest americanism ever
shitty import
get annoyed when juvenile children knock on the door

Stay home, get drunk, and watch something... maybe play carball or minecraft idk...

chug a whole bottle of everclear and pass out

Comic-con costume I'll be using this time to hand out candy:

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Either hand out candy as 'me', or my friend is going to loan me his gorilla costume. Its a gorrila holding a baby, and your head comes out of the baby. They'll write harambe on my back and follow me around with a toy gun through all the parties. Sounds fun tbh.