What phones do you all have?

I'm wondering what kinds of phones you guys have?

I just recently made the switch to android and purchased a sony xperia z to replace my iphone 3gs  

An IBM Simon.

I've had a HTC Desire S for 2 years. Pretty solid. been dropped enough times and is still going strong and fast as ever.

Im not a huge phone user but this thing does everything I need it for which is fine by me!

I have a Samsung Galaxy SII. I usually change my phone every 2 years, so I will get a new one at the end of this year.

rooted samsung ace 2

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and it does everything I want it to do an more. The S4 does have some cool new features, but I can't see myself upgrading right now. I might just wait another year or two and grab an HTC phone that has the latest features. I just like the look of the HTC One right now. It's pretty sexy, and the full alluminum body is awesome.

Lg L5

Droid razr M I find it to be a great phone perfect size, good battery and plenty powerful

I did think about getting the htc one, since its the main competitor (along with the galaxy s4) with my xperia z, that full aluminium unibody looks stunning, but I picked the xperia for the camera (and hdr video) and for the sd card slot, but it was quite close for me. The htc one looks like I could chuck it around quite a bit, whereas my xperia looks fragile, since its essentially two sheets of dragontrail glass.

A quick question. Is rooting actually really dangerous? I'm thinking of rooting my xperia once it gets here (oirdered yesterday) but im quite nervous about doing it, especially since I lose the bravia engine if I do so. Would you recommend rooting or not?

HTC One X it's pretty decent and very fast, also the screen is massive which, while it makes it nice and easy to see, is sometimes annoying because it doesn't always fit in my pocket.

I dont have a phone atm (Grounded) But it was a samsung Galaxy s2, I use a Ipod touch right now!

I was so close to buying the htc one, but I decided on the xperia instead. Both are pretty awesome phones

Samsung GS3

N900 dual booted with android

Rooting isn't dangerous no. I've done it to my ASUS Transformer TF101, Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3 GTI9300.  You need to make sure you root it correctly so goto xda developers and look for a thread on your phone. Your phone will have a specific way to root it and also there are different versions of the same phone so be careful to choose the correct one and the correct firmware quoted in the root guide thread. Hope this helps.

Samsung Galaxy R GT-I9103, Rooted(no custom ROM), my work/drunk phone. This thing has been through phone hell and is still alive, it's no worse than any of the old Nokia's I had. The screen is a bit unresponsive at times now, and it's occasionally lagging a bit, but I'd imagine if someone bought this and actually took care of it, it has never had a screen protector on it nor has it ever had a case.. The only big problem I've had was that the battery got fried once, luckily a friend of mine had a spare from his old S2.

Samsung Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 It's a nice phone, accidentally ended up at a party and after one night on the town and two afterparties(the same night/morning) the screen is busted, debating on whether or not to change it or just buy a new one, the price has dropped considerably since the S4 was released.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2.. Before I was using HTC Desire HD.. 

Currently have the Galaxy Nexus, rooted and running the latest AOKP. I'm actually eyeing the Oppo Find 5 for my next phone. I was considering saving for the Galaxy S4, but I absolutely hate that shiny plastic, and don't really like the design overall.

Iphone 4s with a cracked screen. One year until I can get rid of this pos. stupid contracts

SGSII i9100 Thinking Bridge ROM JB 4.2.2 :)