What phone should I get?

So I'm debating between any good phone around $100 (with contract). I was looking at a iphone 5c but I'm not sure its the best for what I want to do. So what I'll be doing is reddit, instagram, twitter, music, web and games. Btw I'm on Verizon and currently have a iphone 4s.  

All I need, now to find one so I can walk around with it plugged into my laptop.

Galaxy SIII is pretty decent and you can get it for free to $49.99 on contract. 

I'd stay away from the 5c. It is junk. A few of my friends have one and they have all had problems. All had to be repaired. Plus iOS7 made them all run like shit 

This is what I use most of the time.


Hands down Moto X. I think it provides the best bang for your buck when it comes to phones. Battery life is above average, near stock Android, a camera that seems to improve with every update. I would strongly suggest you consider the Moto X.

I have one... highly recommend

I have an xperia Z on fxp4.4 and its brilliant, only thing i would love is the ok google, in uk i got mine for free on contract

I've been content with my Nexus 5. Very inexpensive off-contract, I also use it on pre-paid so I've saved quite of money and the phone performs very well. 

He uses Verizon. Verizon, being the great(sarcasm) carrier they are, doesn't allow the Nexus 5.