What periferals/monitor should I consider?

Hello there fellow teckers! 

What upgrades/monitor should I consider?

These are my computer specs:

Intel i7 4770k cpu  
Msi gaming motherboard with wifi  
8gb 1600mhz gaming ram  
500gb hdd  
Msi twin fan gtx 580 1.5gb  
Corsair cx500  
High end gaming cooler  
Prodigy gaming case 

What monitor should I get to best compliment my build?

1080p or 1440p  £200 price range. I plan to buy one now and 1 or 2 more in the future.  UK based.

Also mouse, key board and speaker should I consider?

Any help or idea would be great,

Cheers :D


Well with peripherals you would really have to give some hints as to what you like for anyone to really suggest anything.  As for monitors probably the only monitors that are 1440 that would be in your price range would be the korean panels (xstar qnix shimian).  If you're going to get a 1080p monitor just look for something with low input latency that has good reviews.  

As for keyboard and mice it really all depends, for mice do you want something with a ton of buttons or something really minimal (no drivers plug and play maybe an extra button or 2) also laser or optical?  For keyboards its about the same thing mechanical switches are really popular now as they provide more tactile feedback but they also can be noisy compared to rubber dome style keyboards.  

Give a little input as to want you would want because if you say suggest a mouse or keyboard people are just going to give you kit that works for them which most likely not be really useful for you.

To be honest I have not idea what mouse or keyboard I want or need, have not had a gaming system for the best part of about 4/5 years and so I lost touch with all the ins and outs.  I am after value for money set up, you know best bang-age for my pound-age :)  do you have a link for the 1440 monitors?  Would my system run 2/3 of these or would I need to invest in a new GPU?

I was looking at this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Matte-New-27-MONEX-M27QSM-2560x1440-QHD-SAMSUNG-PLS-Panel-Computer-Monitor-/151215069391?pt=UK_Computing_ComputerComponents_Monitors&hash=item23351ed8cf

I think I need an idiots guide to computer periferals :P lol


The ASUS VG248QE: 1920x1080, 24 inch diameter, 144Hz, 1ms GTG, and has a phenomenal stand. I recommend it if you're a gamer because this is the best monitor for 1080p gaming.

If you don't care about a high frame rate, a 2560x1440p monitor maybe a good choice.

I recommend getting a mechanical keyboard and mouse that has a minimum DPI or sensitivity of at least 100 or 300. A low DPI is useful for clicking on small stuff, especially if you are going to get a 1440p monitor. Mechanical keyboards are high quality and last a long time.

:) I had to google search "perirals" to know if it is a word or not.

P.S. It is a word

Corsair makes good keyboards,  I am using a c70 w/ blue switches.  Mouse wise I would go logitech or coolermaster. For logitech the g700s or the new g502 are sweet.  CoolerMaster the CM Storm reaper is getting great reviews.  Can't recommend Corsair mice because the software is not the best and my m95 died after two months and the button placement on my g700s suits me better.

I have the vg248qe and have no complaints, will probably buy another.

Whoops spelling mistake.

I would say the gtx580 is going to struggle even if you're trying to run games at native rez especially depending on what vram model you have.  What is you plan exactly to game on all three or have just have your game on one screen and one for productivity or whatever(because to stretch a game across 2 monitors would be a daft idea)?  I'm not really sure you're aware how difficult it would be to power this kind of setup to decent frame rates.

As here is a good article describing the different types of switches for keyboards http://www.daskeyboard.com/blog/mechanical-keyboard-guide/

For mice I would say if you plan on doing a lot of fps games look into an optical as they generally track better but have overall lower dpi than laser.  If you want a really fast mouse with a ton of buttons and all that (like if you play mmos where you need a lot of binds) you're in the realm of laser mice.

Thanks for the advice, I will check out the article. I got the computer one the cheap and want it for gaming/ workstation and with eventual want 2/3 monitors for productivity. I realise I will need to upgrade my GPU in the next year if I want to do that, so I want a monitor that is as future proof as possible.


Most gaming mice allow for you to change dpi levels via software or buttons on the mouse.  By change dpi I mean from 100 to 8000 and set it anywhere in between.