What PC Build is better?

What pc build is better for the latest AAA games like bf4  and GTA V, and what is better for durability, by that i mean so i dont have to upgrade for the next 10 years for example?

This one is around 740 euros:

CPU: AMD FX 6300

motherboard: MSI 970A-G43

GPU: Gigabyte geforce gtx 960 2gb

HDD: seagate barracuda 3tb

RAM: Kingston hyperx fury 8gb

Power suply: corsair builder cx600

Cooling CPU: cooler master hyper 212 evo

case: deepcool tesseract


and this one is around 1.240 euros:

CPU: intel core i5 3570k

motherboard: MSI 277A-G45

GPU: MSI geforce gtx 760 2gb

HDD: seagate barracuda 3tb

RAM: Corsair vengeance 8 gb

Power suply: corsair GS700

Cooling CPU: corsair hydro h100

fans: corsair sp120 quiet

case: cooler master cm storm scout II ghost white

i5  no single doubt about it :)

But i would recommend to go with the newer Z97 platform realy Z97 mobo + 4690k.

BUt you could do allot better for €1200 i will come back to it later.

haha thanks for the sugestion!

but i want to keep these specs the same ;$

wait? are you dutch?? ben je nederlands?

yes i am ☺

I will make a parts list for you directly from tweakers.net. For €1200 you could do allot better realy.

haha where do you live in the netherlands? waar woon je? :)

Gelderland, nearby Arnhem

You dutch people sort that out amongst yourself. I was going to make a suggestion but I don't know a lot about the vendors in the Netherlands, so the german will remain silent ;-)

i live near the German boarder, so i also know things about Germany haha.

Every input is allways welcome.

haha ik woon in overijsel, enschede 

haha any suggestion is fine to me :)

are you looking for an Nvidia card especialy? or would you also be be fine with a Radeon?

Also if you live near enschede, i would recommend to check out Azerty. in Raalte

plus, i live right next to germany so i know some german to ;p

hmm, a nvidia card would be nice, so nvidia ;p

 You know what, I really don't get that second build you posted. That's outdated hardware and it's still 1200€?  And I also don't think there is any build that will last you 10 years.

This is a 1200€ build that I put together recently. It's Mini-ITX, so it's a little more expensive than it could be. With a cheaper case, cooler and a different mobo, one could even squeeze a 4790k in that budget.


here is my build. 08-02-2015


You could also cheap out on the cooler if you like. Or a cheaper case for example.

Hehe, our builds are pretty close together there ;-)


yeah your build is nice aswell, if you realy like it to be small.

yea, there both realy nice builds, but i am going for the build what misteryangel suggested :)

thanks for the suggestions, i realy appreciate it :D

but i am going for a different CPU cooler the Be quiet Shadow Rock 2