What password manager do you use?

Personally, I use KeePass but I'm curious to see if there are better options. Post away!

I do not think there is better choice to keep local copies of your password database. The fact that keepass has so many forks and support for different platforms is a very big thing. The only thing is that I find it a little buggy on Linux and I ended up using KeepassX on Linux OSs, while I keep Keepass for windows use. X uses an older version of the database file type but Keepass has the option to export any database to the older file type so there is no compatibility issues.

I just have an RSA encrypted text file I upload to dropbox.

My brain, 100% secure but fails from time to time.


Which is why I have my brain and a USB thumb drive with all my passwords encrypted using RSA in case my brain derps.

There isn't really a better choice that keepass it would be good if there was at least one, I'm surprised GNU/Linux doesn't have a number but it seems to be like gnupg in that regard.

That said keepass is good. The other options out there are non starters for me.

I had once used Keepass, but it doesn't have integration with my web browser (Chrome), so I just switched back to the default Chrome Password Manager. (I doubt its secure at all...)

Ah ill need to look at that again, i dont have that isntalled.

It does via plugins, theres a number of them on the chrome store. i think they require keypasshttp as well

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Lastpass has been highly recommended by the crew at Jupiter broadcasting. If Allen says its good i'm willing to trust him.