What parts give the best performance in modded Skyrim?

Hello, I searched the forum for a topic like this and have not found one. If you know of one could you please link it. What parts of a build yeild the most performance in heavily modded Skyrim? Would it be better to invest in i5 or i7 (rather than Pentium) or a R9 280 (rather than a R7 260x). I have about 100 mods on Skyrim and my pc can run 30 fps at 720p (without graphical mods) with a mobile i7 and a low low end GPU. Also what would be the optimal budget build for 1440p 144fps? thanks!

Graphics card always. In every game. As much VRAM as possible

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the gpu mate

Skyrim runns better with nvidia gpu's (not saying amd cards are bad its just it likes nvidia better) i have allways found cpu useage to be low in skyrim even with 50+ mods.
I can stay above 60fps 1080p with a HD7950 and a FX 8320 easy.
Dont buy a Pentium dual cores are being phased out by the new port overs ever think of a FM2+ or AM3+ CPU with a better gpu?
You are going to struggle with 1440p 144fps

An i5 paired with the strongest GPU possible would be your best bet. Skyrim heavily favors Intel's quad core processors. Also, the performance difference between an i5 and an i7 in Skyrim is negligible at best. You're better off going with a Haswell i5 CPU.



One more thing I forgot to mention, anything above 60 FPS and Skyrim's physics tend to go wonky.

assuming it is gddr5 then I believe it should do good... don't ever let someone make the noob mistake I did and buy 2gb of ddr3 vram in a card... and thanks for the reply

yeah my GPU is shit I definitely need an upgrade (especially realizing that 800x600 high settings runs the same as 1080p low on my setup) thanks

I haven't considered looking at my CPU usage facepalm and I have a PC with a fx 6300 and I love the extra cores than the dual core i7 I have... maybe I'll get a 6000 or 8000 series instead of an i5 and get an ssd or more GPU power, thanks

that is a helpful chart... and how does a game get weird after 60 fps? that's something a bit confusing to me... thanks for the recommendation

This bug is limited to Skyrim as far as I know. There's plenty of articles floating around the web verifying the issue.



That's very weird, maybe an issue because of consoles and how the engine was made? The game's physics are weird at times already lol. Thanks for telling me, my friend is getting Skyrim soon on his mid range PC and may play it over 60 fps so maybe I could help him then or something. Thanks again.