What parts fit with which?

i wonder about how i know what parts that fit with the motherboard im gonna buy.

I dont wanna buy it and then figure out that the different parts like RAM CPU GPU and stuff dosent fit my motherboard....

What motherboard would u guys pick for these specs ?

Intel i5-4670k Haswell 1150 socket

8gb RAM Vengeance 1600 mhz

ASUS GeForce GTX 760 OC - 2GB GDDR5

I Think the motherboard 

ASUS Z87-PLUS - Haswell 

fits nice but i want your guys opinion and/or recommendations for other ASUS motherboards i can buy :) It has to be ASUS BTW

I don't know abouut the Haswell motherboards, however with the RAM you have to make sure it is DDR3 as that is the standard most, if not all, Haswell motherboards use. Otherwise the graphics card is fine and you are using a Haswell Motherboard with a Haswell CPU, Socket LGA 1150.

I suggest comparing all of the ASUS motherboards to find the one with the most features you need/want, Logan released a lot of videos back when Haswell launched showcasing all of the ASUS Z87 Motherboards and i highly suggest watching them. :)