What one signature song do you want at your funeral?

Post the signature tune you would like at your funeral. Something that might define you ? Perhaps something silly or funny to lighten the mood. Do you want to make a statement or just have something nice for the 'guests'

So go ahead post away, after all your time is running out

I've thought of this a bit before and I have a few possible avenues of thinking.

So, on one hand, there's the feel-good sentimental stuff that is significant in some way:

In the case of this Satriani track, this was on the first JS album that I purched when traveling to San Francisco. I happened upon the Time Machine 2 CD album at a Tower Records (RIP) in downtown. I kind of got lucky because I never saw the album in a store after that.

>>alternate version for non-US folks

I really love classical guitar and flamenco stuff, so something akin to this next piece would work well. Granada from Isaac Albéniz’s Suite española, Op. 47 has always been one of my favorites. It's a real masterpiece.

>>alternate version for non-US folks

This might seem like a weird pick, but some of the soundtrack pieces from old RPGs had the ability of sticking with me for many years. This one from the Chrono Cross OST is likely my favorite. Really somber and haunting, but bright and melodic at the same time.

Then there's stuff like this that might make the cut - not really for any lyrical value, but just because I like the songs . . .

Alternatively, I might just want to troll folks . . .


This when I burn.

Either "Ash"


I'm so original lol.

Okay but actually.


something from rocky horror...

just to troll you all to death

And then jump out of the coffin.

Probably scare at least the neighborhood cat.

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There will be no funeral and thus no signature song played at it.

At my wake they can eat and drink whatever they please, and play whatever songs they like. What do the dead care?

Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1 because I'm a sentimental f*ck

Stayin' Alive, by the BeeGees, naturally.


Only because it's my favorite track of all time.

Well sure, but it would be hard to pass up the opportunity to subject your family and friends to the most terrible stuff of your choosing though.