What new laptop to buy?

I am in the market for a new laptop. Over the past two years I’ve been using a HP Pavilion 17 inch beast, but I really want to get a smaller and a more ‘open’ laptop. I want to use the laptop for studying, traveling and development.

On my current laptop I’ve always had problems with running Linux. For example, after a fresh install of Ubuntu the WiFi nor the Bluetooth works and with Arch it’s even worse where as I can get the WiFi to work on Ubuntu but it’s just impossible to do on Arch.

I’ve been looking at Thinkpads but there are just so many of them that I can’t really decide. I spotted the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 series which look pretty good, but are pretty expensive. My budget is around €700 - €800 euro’s ( ~$830 - ~$945 USD).

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Maybe Dell XPS 13 or System76. They have native Linux options in your price range.


If you want linux support on mark do system76. Thinkpads… Yeah they’re good. But atm lenovo is shotgunning model numbers and they fucked their keyboards for those awful island keyboards.

I have an L520. Its ok, but the processor is trash imo (I require 6mb of cache in modern systems) but for most people it’d be fine.

What country?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I live in The Netherlands :slight_smile:

oulet.euro.dell.com normally has some good deals. You can find some voucher codes online which also work on the outlet. As AdminDev said, the XPS 13’s a good bet for decent Linux support. Definitely worth going for a quad-core Kaby Lake-R model, but the dual-core models shouldn’t be looked over - especially if you can ge a model with Iris graphics.