What new features would you like to see in GTA V?

GTA V is coming out later on this year and I hoping they keep/add Dating, Buying and selling property, full character customization, car customization, house customization, and all the activitys that were in GTA IV.

keep it as it was and just add better graphics, I'd be satisfied.

I agree GTA IV was fine but I would like to see some San andreas style property management as well as some Vice city style business/gang control. It always keeps the player immersed. I was kind of hoping they made fuel stations completely interactive as well as cars (i.e. open the boot and hood etc). Finally some mod support would be nice.

Features? Is just being on PC a feature? cuz I want that

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being released any time soon

 "I was kind of hoping they made fuel stations completely interactive as well as cars (i.e. open the boot and hood etc)." So like in Mafia II. If they do add those features and modding support it would be the perfect GTA. If they don't have that stuff I hope they will add DLC that will have that.

In my opinion GTA/Rockstar could learn a bit (actually, a lot) from Saints Row The Third... it captured better the ludicrous "wacky essence" that used to be GTA than GTA IV itself. I mean, in Saints Row I was laughing so much the first time I've played the "Tiger Escort" mission, that I had to pause the game for a bit. I don't remember doing nothing near that in any GTA IV mission, on the contrary, the last island was already giving me that feeling: "meh, just finish already"... specially when everyone was calling to go bowling for the 100th time.

GTA IV's new graphics engine also didn't help much (in my opinion). Don't get me wrong, I've always been in favor of higher PC quality graphics, but the old engine made GTA a lot more "unrealistic" and that was actually part of the fun, because some characters, for example, not only looked funny (Umberto Robina, Lance Vance,...) but also moved/acted in a silly way. Everything was there to make the game funny: movements, graphics, sounds, voices,... GTA IV lost a lot of those things and Saints Row The Third actually had a tremendous dosage of each. That's also why GTA 2 was so good, even though it had a top-down view.

I think with the current realistic engine, GTA not only lost one of his tricks but also did it in a very very wrong way, being heavy and not even having AA support which was absolutely appaling. In "V" they have the obligation to make it right and at least providing some AA and performance tweaks.

Although, they'll have to compensate on other areas to make it fun like it used to be.

Last thing is the mod support. The old GTA base system was a blast for mods and kept people playing for a ridiculous amount of extra time. I remember putting dozens of cars and other mods on GTA to the point of the engine not being able to load the wall/building's textures anymore while cruising around. Was even very good to start our own mod initiation, picking some existing mods/skins and editing them with our own logos and stuff, getting to know how a game actually works inside, making it very autodidactic. It's a priceless experience many kids these days don't and won't have (specially "console only" players).

Modding comunity is one of the best things out there on the internet and PC, and shows how many other things should, and could, be in our daily life... people voluntarly making/improving things and freely share them with everyone else, no money or second interests involved. All for the common good of everyone having a blast.

I know that there are also a bunch of mods for GTA IV now, but it seems it took a lot more time for them to arrive, and I hope the modding scene currently already recovered to those good old levels. I can't bother going back there to give it a go, because between the boring action, lack of fun, lack of AA, and the stupid Social Club & GFWL, I can't find any good reason to even trying the mods in the first place on that game. I would prefer to re-install VC and cruise around with the good old K.I.T.T. mod jumping over traffic, or sliding around with the Zebra Cab making regular taxi missions.

Rockstar has a lot of work to do to make GTA V silly and a pure laugh like it was before. No matter what levels of house/character "customization" they apply to the game, it needs to be more ridiculous, provocative, have at least a decent engine fine tuning (+ AA), and to have a good mod support allowing modders to go wild, also atracting people to the mod community (pushing their interest on how games work).

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Features? Is just being on PC a feature? cuz I want that"


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^ what he said"


What they said.

maybe the setback of the release date could be due to trying to make a pc port, probably not  true but that is what I am hoping they see the potential of gaming communities lasting longer on pc due to mods and such

one of my friends works for rockstar north, i have already passed on my discontent at this release date.

just make sure it works properly for me. make sure the port isnt as sloppy or unfinished as gta 4. as fo being like saints row. no thanks. its utter garbage and a gta wannabee. i always prefered the more serious aproach of the gta games after all you are often on the wrong side of the law and rarely is that fun. its very intense but rarely funny.

More weapons. A larger amount of vehicles, and more unique ones. Changes to driving physics so that you dont do a triple barrel roll every time you touch the curb. More players in Free Roam. Better camera controls when piloting helicopters. Option to lock the camera to a fixed position when piloting a heli. Better heli controls in general.

A lot of people may disagree with me but San Andreas had in my eyes the best gameplay of any GTA (1 and 2 are pretty awesome as well).  CJ got fat if you ate junk food and didn't exercise.  Gun accuracy was based on how much you used that gun.  I think they could have expanded on that with things like gun attachments.  I couldn't get into GTA 4 that much.  I felt super bad about it because my girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday and I still haven't beat it.

The biggest improvement would be releasing the game with decent draw distance.   They look so good, but you can only see a block, it's a pain when driving high speed. 

more serious approach.. ooh like the mission in GTA2 where you drive around collecting tourists in a bus, deliver them to the hotdog factory and then proceed to drive around selling "hotdogs" yea very serious. I'd have to agree with others on here, GTA IV lost alot of the humor that was present in previous games, but I dont think Saints Row is a good comparisent. SR3 is plain crazy, especially with the DLC packages and I dont want to see that in GTA, but would like some of the more strange missions back, definently characters along the lines of those from San Andreas.

completley agree gta sa was the best version in my eyes although more would say vice city...

but for me when you jumped in to the p51 mustang and freebird came on the radio i just got chills.



Isnt it not coming out for PC?

I agree with omegajimes; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is my all-time favorite Grand Theft Auto game, and its my second favorite Rockstar game. I was expecting a lot out of GTA IV, but it seems like the only fun out of that game was slicing Roman with helicopter rotors when he asks you if "You want to go bowling?". In GTA V I want to see the customability that San Andreas had; on the characters as well as the vehicles. I would also like to see an improvement on the weapons. In GTA V there was only 2 tiers in the original game and most of them seemed like the done the same damage. The multiplayer can use an improvement as well; who the hell played "Deathmatch" anyway? Red Dead Redemption had the right thing going with it's multiplayer and I hope Rockstar incoperates that In GTA V. Also GTA IV's story bored me. I mean the past games had great stories and lovable characters; Roman gave me homocidal tendencies. I just hope Rockstar doesn't go with the "Rags to Riches" storyline again; its getting old.