What Network Adapter for A Gaming PC?

So my friend wants me to assemble him a PC for some moderate gaming and his work however he is unable to use a wired connection and due to his fairly low budget the motherboard we are choosing does not come with WiFi capability. So my question is, would "this" be sufficient for him or should I choose a different network adapter? Also, are any of the cheaper ones on the site worth getting? as I'm not very knowledgable on which ones are worth it, Thanks in advance.

Consider a powerline adaptor. It's not as good as a direct ethernet cable. However, it is faster, more reliable, more secure, more consistent than wireless.

powerline adapters give INSANE ping tho, so gaming on one of those is near impossible.

I was considering that however my friend has a fairly low budget, and we're already pushing it so I don't really have room for a $60+ power-line adapter.


This is what I had in mind. 25-30$ in the US. I would have thought there would be similarly priced options in Australia? If only a little higher, at 35-40$.

The quality of connection is dependent on the electrical circuitry in your friends house. Some people get very good results with Powerline. Others, not so much.

Either way, I would trust it more than a wireless card. Wireless has greater latency issues.

Near impossible? I have at least two friends that use Powerline for gaming, and with good results. It depends on the electrical circuitry in the house where you've decided to use Powerline. Or some people make the mistake of using the kit on an extension cable, or something else that could make a connection a little erratic.

If you can streach you budget a little a Intel Mini-pcie Adapter and a Pcie to Mini-Pcie adapter cant be beat. If your going real cheap look for something with a Atheros ar Ralink chipset as there drivers are not shit compared to others.