What mouse sensitivity do you guys use?

Hey so I was just wondering what sensitivty you have on your mouse, by that I mean what dpi and windows cursor speed. I personally have my G400s on 800dpi and 6 in windows cursor speed, I have found this to be the sweet spot where I can be accurate when playing games but not so slow that I have to move my mouse too much when not playing games. So what mouse do you use and what sensitivity? have you tested different sensitivities and found the one you are using to be better or have you just always used the same?

The sensitivity that matters is the in game the Dpi does not really make a difference but I use 900.  I use 18in per 360 for my fps games like counter strike.  I use this website to match all of my in game mouse settings.


Well some FPS games including Counter Strike has an option called raw input so its not necesary to mess around with sensitivity in those games


Raw input just makes the game ignore the windows cursor speed.

You know what thanks for enlightening me. I was just curious about what people were using as their sensitivity. I didnt know that Raw input just makes the game ignore the windows cursor speed. Do you have any other things that are worth knowing about?

I like having low sensitivity; it gives more room for less errors, in my opinion.

Also, for whatever reason, moving the mouse around makes me feel like I have power.

Normally use between 800-3200 depending on the game, my default sensitivity is 1600

Yeah same. I tried new sensitivities myself when I found out that some pro CS players use 400dpi, I tried it and it was too low...

As others have already mentioned just saying what your dpi are is pretty useless. If you want to compare sensitivities ingame then the only way to do so is to tell us the distance you need to move your mouse in order to perform a 360° rotation. It can't be helped since every game uses a different method to calculate the angular movement of your character (i.e. looking around/aiming)

If you want an easy tool to figure out your sensitivity and to get a consistent sens over a variety of games I recommend http://www.mouse-sensitivity.com/

Anyway, I use 38cm for a 360°. I've always been a low sens player and I used to use something crazy like 68cm for a full rotation in CS 1.6 and most other shooters. 38cm is way more practical though for a variety of reasons, like the space you need and the size of your mousepad. I do feel the difference in control and accuracy, but I'm not that into competitive gaming anymore.

I use an insane 1.5-4cm for a 360 in most FPS games.  In windows I use it at 1000 dpi with no mouse accel, and max pointer speed.

Yeah sorry for this, I move my mouse about 20~21 cm for a full 360°. I have seen this website before and used it.

I run at 400DPI, anything higher (800) and I can't knock an elephant off a telephone pole

many cs go pros have rawinput turned off because in csgo for whatever reason it adds smoothing.

i run at 400 dpi, 3.5 ingame sensitivity for csgo or tf2 or quake. Mainly have mouse at 400 dpi just because there are too many poor ports to PC that don't have a low sensitivities, so to play as low as i want in those i need a very low dpi.

Currently 400-ish or a bit less in windows and 2d games.

I was lowering it over maybe two years, from ~1600, when I felt like I lack control.

Something like 20cm/360 in FPS.

I use 40cm/360 degrees with 800 dpi on games I can and 400 dpi for the few games where 800 dpi and lowest sensitivity setting in the game is still faster than 40cm/360.


Like others have posted, just stating your dpi is meaningless since one person could be playing at 200 dpi at in-game sens setting at 100 and other at 6400 dpi with in-game set at 1 and still have far lower actual sensitivity.


Also, I have found the settings at mouse-sensitivity.com aren't always correct. For instance, settings for Blacklight were off by more than 10 cm for me.

3200 all the time. if had higher I would go it but the 3200 suits me perfectly. It is fast enough for me to be able to move my vision to where I want with only a few millimeters of hand movement.

EDIT: In Loadout it is around 3-4cm per 360 and would be around the same for other games too.

3500 DPI, and set to 7 in widows sensitivity settings. When in game I lower the mouse sensitivity, differently for each game depending on what I do in the game, like high sensitivity to look around, but low sensitivity for aiming or zooming in. When not in game i like my mouse to be fast so I can go from one monitor to another easily.