What mouse/keyboard do you recommend?

As for the keyboard, I've become interested in those small ones that're pretty much just the wasd region


As for the mouse I play pretty much everything except the uber functions mmos, so extra buttons aren't that necessary, mostly an accurate one for fps


I have a plain regular mouse/keyboard combo pack thing


Also, last thing(s) any mouse pad and/or wrist rests to recommend?





Flexible, depends on it's worth. I'm generally pretty cheap. But if i don't have the money now i can wait (if it is worth it)

If you're on a budget, grab a QuickFireRapid with MX Reds (great for gaming; I prefer Blues), and a SteelSeries Sensei.

Can't help you with a keyboard as I have a large gaming one. As for a mouse, I'm currently using the Razer DeathAdder Black edition. It's a nice mouse, feels good in the hand, looks good. But, prior to this mouse I was using a cheap ass Gigabyte wireless mouse, and to be honest, I don't notice much of a difference when it comes to gameplay. After I got used to it and adjusted the settings, gaming feels the same as with my previous mouse.

Here's my old mouse: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826146004

It's very small, as in tiny, compared to every other mouse, but it's very comfortable once you get over the fact of how small it is. Has 5 basic buttons, plus a DPI switch on top, and 4 way scroll. Worked great for me for 2+ years. Batteries would last about 2-3 months. Pretty damn good mouse for only $20.

And here's the DeathAdder: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826153072

Some good suggestions in the thread. I had a budget of about £50 pounds for both after I bought my pc so picked up a Microsoft X4 Sidewinder and a Logitech G400.Both are bare bones gaming products, but as far as features are concerned they match everything else up to three and four times as expensive.

The keyboard isn't mechanical but has good LEDs (im easily able to see in darkness) and 18 banks of macro keys. It also comes with a rubberised wrist support that doesn't feel quite as plastic as a lot of things under fifty bucks. In general I'd say the build quality was pretty good, though if you want a mechanical keyboard, you're going to have to look elsewhere.

Logan did a video of the new Logitech 400s mouse which looks great, but you could save some money and get the G400. It feels comfortbale in my (slightly larger than average) hands. Logitech's software lets you toggle all the dpi/ key bindings and the mouse itself has options for adjusting this, or returning it to your chosen default.

I'm happy to recommend either of those as good bang for buck, though I do envy those who went for mechanical keyboards or mice with a bit more flair. I have particularly garish taste, and these were an uncharacteristically conservative purchse.  


Here's a link to the cheapest one I could find.