What motherboard should i choose?

Yeah, Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7, and you can install third party start buttons and software to make it boot to desktop.

Also, the stock clock speed of the card doesn't matter. You can just overclock it yourself, and  you're going to be able to overclock higher with something that can stay cooler. Just use MSI Afterburner.

im considering windows 8, but some instinct deep inside of me says that it sucks and i should go with windows 7

im really nervous about going with windows 8, i could care less about the perfomance increase but im worried i wont be able to get the next direct x update or software will stop being compatable with windows 7

what should i do

Go Win8 :/

The only reason it sucks, is because of the user interface. And you're fully aware that you can fix that...

Not to mention that Win8 comes with more features, including RAID.

You have to get Win7 Professional just to have RAID enabled, and professional is much more expensive than Win7 or Win8. Uncertain if you can get third party software.

wait really?!?!?!?!

wow then ill go with windows 8

so raid works on the regular version of windows 8? also are all programs compatable with windows 7 compatable with windows 8?

is there a way to save  money on windows 8 if u "upgrade" from windows 7

If you're upgrading from Vista/7, possibly XP, you can buy a licence and download Win8. I'm uncertain if you actually save any money. You can google these things, ya know? lol. All the feature sets of these OS are available online.

man im hearing too much bad stuff about windows 8 when i research it, it seems like whenever you want to do something you have to use metro

People are saying plenty of bad things about Haswell, but you're still buying it lol ;)

If Win7 works for you, then get Win7.

ok so you dont think windows 7 will become outdated? i guess if i want to use raid i have to get ultimate :(

Win7 Professional has RAID, I just couldn't justify the price over Win8. You might be able to get third party software for RAID.

And dude, there are people running XP and Vista. I think you're good with 7.

whew okk ill go with windows 7