What motherboard should i choose?

hi guys im deciding on which motherboard to go with for my haswell build!

heres my build


i cant decide between which motherboard to go with, ive narrowed it down to the asus sabertooth and the rog hero

the reason im leaning towards the rog hero is it's red which goes with my color scheme, but the sabertooth has more fan headers, if i buy the hero ill use all the fan headers up without room to add a third fan to the cpu cooler

but the hero goes with my color scheme and is a little cheaper

what do you guys think?



Fan headers are good for up to 10 fans, maybe more. You just need to get a fan splitter. 

Or you can get a fan controller, I am sure the NZXT 820 already has one.

Duuuhhh :P

i want to use fan xpert 2 though, otherwise id just use the build in fan controller in the phantom 820

could i still have control of the fans with fan xpert 2 if i use a fan splitter?

Dont think so

I would go for the Hero. It has better onboard sound, and it has the same power delivery design. Not to mention you said it goes with your color theme better.

You could always grab some molex adapters or a fan controller for the fans in your system, so that's not a big deal. It'd be easier to adjust fan speeds with a fan controller than with the ASUS software anyway if that's why you're looking for a lot of fan headers. If you want to keep it clean and don't mind your fans spinning at 100%, molex adapters always work too.

Also, if you're going for a black and red theme, you might want to think about getting the MSI GTX 770. It would fit the theme better:


Probably, but you would be controlling two fans at once instead of controlling them individually.

I don't know why you would want to use the software though. It's easier just to control it all through a fan controller.

I would pick the Hero over the Sabertooth. Don't forget that Logan and the gang are doing some video reviews on a lot of Z87 mobos. Best to wait a day or two?

The Hero is more feature-rich than the Sabertooth. I might be wrong, but the Z77 Sabertooth was a bit lackluster. Wasn't worth the thermal armor.

cool guys thx for the help! thx for the suggestion vortex, but the evga one is clocked better, and ive heard so many good things about the acx cooling on evga i think ill stick with evga

btw i heard evga is making a 4gb 770

will 2 extra gigabytes improve perfomance on games if im running a 1440p monitor?

The 2GB on the 770 is not comparable to the 2GB of Vram on the 680. The 680 was held back by the Vram. They made some architectural improvements to the 7xx series, so that it would run better on higher resolution. It might not be in your interest to wait for the 4GB variant, see what other people think.

Also, the software you want to use will register individual fans plugged into the same header. - just researched it.

THX GUYS! you guys amaze me with your helpfulness

i think i have my build almost finalized thx so much for your help!

also berserker hows the asus monitor doing?

All manufacturers should be making 4GB 770s; they essentially already have them with 4GB 770s.

The MSI one has a better cooler, though; it is simply larger, with more thermal mass.

The 2 extra GB will help, but not that much before running into a GPU power bottleneck.

I haven't built my PC yet. I have some of the parts sprawled out on the bed here, as I am typing on my laptop.

840 256GB pro, the 1440p monitor, GTX 780. And I cannot use any of it! UGH!

Worst part of it is the XXL mouse mat, I can't bear to look at it *cries*

what mousemat did u go with

your rig must have cost a fortune!

nice parts

"We don't need to see the rig, we just want to know what mouse mat you're using. TALK ABOUT THE FREAKIN' MOUSE MAT!" lol.

This one:


If you guys thought your "XXL" mouse mats were big, you are very wrong. This one is the size of my desk. This mouse mat is the baaaaws of mouse mats.


^ My build, all configured. Might be some details missing of peripherals missing et cetera. I am still going for Haswell. It isn't a huge overclocker, but even with Ivybridge, I'd be looking to get 4.5. I'd honestly be happy with 4.3, until I put it all under custom watercooling and get more.

why are u going with windows 8


Why wouldn't you go with Windows8? Performance boost! Not to mention, the next update to windows will reintroduce the start bar, and if it doesn't, I'll "use start is back".

start is back is great, but the next update will have the start button, not the start menu but the start button which will take you back to metro

I'll just use mods. It is the lighter OS