What motherboard should I buy?

So when the ATI HD 5850 comes out i'll be purchasing one, and possible a second down the road, so I kind of want to switch from my EVGA 780i to a Crossfire ready mobo.I've been looking at the ASUS P5Q Deluxe P45 -Â http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131297Keeping within a $140.00 price range. Any other recomendations? I'm only up to date with nvidia models.Thanks.

P5Q series are really good choices for that price. But are you sure you are going to stick with socket 775 for that long? I suggest just getting one 4850 for now, when you get the money to maybe upgrade both cpu and mobo at the same time.

This, but I think he meant 5850.

Well if u did mean 4850, I wouldn't because i currently have a 9800GTX+, but if you meant 5850, ya im deff looking toward buying that card. 5870 may just be a bit out of my price range.And ya, I see no reason to upgrade from my Q9400, it does me good, and I have 8gb of ram, so upgrading wouldn't be worth the slight performance increase.

im using a gigabyte, and i love it, it didnt support the 955BE when i got it, but all i had to do was flash the bios, toll like 2 minutes, and it was rly ez, i would suggest you getting one, although im not sure if what noddle you should get, just make sure it has 2 x16 pci, if you get one with 1 - x16 and 1 - x8 your cards will be throttled.

He said 'when the 5850 comes out' meaning 5850, not 4850.

But... 9800GTX+ is an awesome card... can play Crysis on high... and GT300 in January... and then you're selling your soul to this piece of shit? Damned bellow Judas...