What microphone to buy?

Hello everyone, I will keep things short and simple. I have a Blue Yeti mic and it is sensitive as hell! This thing picks up sounds from everywhere, like cars driving down the road sound, so you can imagine how loud using a keyboard around it might be, my friends tend to complain a lot when I type while talking to them over Skype. Lowering the gain on the damn thing does almost nothing. I have a shockmount that came with the stand I use but it is too small for the mic. I use this mic to record all kinds of shit on it, nothing musical, just voice overs and such. So my question is, what is the best mic in your opinion that does not pick up a lot of noise for a good price, I don't want to spend $500 on a mic, I find that to be pretty stupid. If you have another way to get around this sensitivity problem, please do let me know.

I also have a Yeti and have none of those issues, not to be taken badly but you asked whats the best under $500 microphone and you pretty much have the answer on your desk looking at you already imo.

Sounds like you need to configure it?

Mine sits on a messy desk atop a book(Without the book it picks up hard drive motor vibrations of every external drive i have ever put on the freakin desk.), the 'volume' on the front is 3/4 of the way to maxed out, gain is about 40%. Be sure to  go into control panel>Sound>Recording devices> Blue Yeti> change the device volume.


I have my mic on one those boom arms, and it is facing downward if that makes sense. I have the gain almost all the way down and the volume button about a quarter way up. I even tried what the guy does at the end of the video and lowered it to 2 but every time I speak the volume raises by itself.