What microphone mount does wendell use?

I have a shockmount but I really like the look of wedells mic mount. this one whats hes using here.

what type on mount is it?

Not a clue, boss. But I think if you asked in the audio section, they'd be more likely to know what it is.

EDIT: and speak of the devil, we're in audio now.

moved, also @wendell

Wendell's mic very closely resembles the M-audio Nova.

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OP is still active and the question was unanswered so, ill keep it open, as maybe there still interest from @hagridoneil ? (if not ill close it) @wendell is it indeed a m-audio mic?

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mic is shure ksm44, it's just a musicians friend cheapo mic stand. it picks up a lot of noise. a shock mount would be better, for sure, but bulkier. I wish I could erase that pic from the internet lol its so blah.

Well at least you have a pop filter now :P

Though are they really that bulky, the benefits should outweigh the cons. Also it looks like that mic came with a shock mount anyway? Otherwise hopefully you're using the low-frequency filter, should help a tad with the low frequency noise if that's your issue.
Edit: that mic sounds awesome btw

how do people even find these old threads? lol