What method of installing windows 7 will take the least amount of data?

I'm going to reinstall Windows 7 on a desktop and I have 2 options:
1)Install from the disk that I got while buying windows ,then install all updates from the last few years
2)Download ISO from Microsoft's website,which will have SP1 and other updates installed,so I will have lesser amount of updates compared to option 1) but the ISO itself will be 2+ GB in size

Which one of these methods should I use if I want to spen the least amount of data from my internet plan?

EDIT: Please don't post replies about switching to linux.I already have decided that i'm going to install windows.If i had decided otherwise,i wouldn't be asking this question.

Install from the disk you have, then like never update it so the windows 10 spyware doesn't get installed


then that PC would be unusable on the internet...i can manage the windows updates..i just want to know which of these methods would take the least amount of data

You could also not use windows ever again. I am a happy gamer, streamer, and youtuber just on ubuntu alone! And with an all AMD system! I get 60 FPS or more in most of my games :P

I play league of legends all the time and world of warcraft. The occasional skyrim,... Despite being linux I am enjoying the freedom of a PC as well as all the stuff I like to do. Maybe look into it? :P

That PC is in fact a dual boot between ubuntu and win7 so i do know about linux.The windows 7 install is going to be for other members of the family who aren't accustomed to linux.

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The option that downloads the least amount of information over your carrier is to install win7 from the dvd and then not update.

Updates are for security stuffs, not for performance or features. If you're worried about minimal data transfer through your carrier/isp then definitely avoid the telemetry "feature" offered through WU. Depending upon how you use your computer, the environment it's in etc, updates may not be necessary.

This ^^^^^^^^^^^^ never ever update Win 7 from a clean install, (I actually recommend disconnecting the internet from the machine until the install is finished, then establish the connection after updates are turned off...but I'm paranoid...lol) if you do run updates you might as well just let it update right into Win X because you will have all the crap and none of the benefits staying on Win 7.

I'm sure you know how to disable the updates you don't want so I'll give you the answer without the paranoia. Install from the disk and then update. Generally the updates from a fresh install is a few hundred MB so less than 2GB. And you'll still need to download plenty of updates from SP1 anyway so definitely install from the disc.

@Dexter_Kane that's exactly what I wanted to know! thanks!

You might want to read this before you proceed....

Then force them to use it