What media should i use to install Xenserver on

I choose to use one of my SSDs for Xenserver it's the EVO 840 120GB. Is it good enough?, overkill? or should i consider something else?

Hello, tought I could reply to your post, as far as my experience with xensever goes a SSD is not overkill if you intend to use it. It all depends on what you intend to do with the xenserver. I ran xenserver on several old laptops for shit and gigglz, they ues stadard 2,5 laptop hdd with no problem. But if you only intend to run the "OS" on the SSD then I would say it is overkill, unelss u plan to have a repository of OSes for future VM's and you have additional storage pools availabole for storage.

If you have a NAS you can load the OS from that from the xenserver taken it is on the same network :)

Hope this helped you out in some way :) This is my first post on the forums!

Welcome to the forum :D and yes this helps out thanks. I am in the middle of installing.

For my server. I am using one 24-bay NAS case in witch i have:
- AsRock EP2C602-L4/D16
- Xeon E5 2670
- 32GB 1333mhz ECC DDR3
- 4x HGST NAS 3TB 7200RPM (and expanding)
- 2x Samsung 256GB 850 PRO (log and cacheing)
- Samsung 840 EVO (Xen)
- Corsair HX1000i

My plans are using xen virtualization to split a NAS server (ZFS on Linux) and other future projects like web hosting MAYBE!.
If i am doing anything wrong feel free to yell at me because i am learning everything. It's my first time building a proper server.

Thanks :) I am really looking forward to horad the froums for information :P. As far as the setup goes you seem to have it on lock down, If I am not mistaken you can use the same "hd" for both OS and a repository for OS'es you want to install on your vm's. I my self are curently using vmWare as a hypervisor as it is more of a business class hypervizor. Or at least that is what I am told. You seem to have a nice server going there so I am looking forward to hear more about your indeveres with the server project :)

ps. You might know this, but wiht Xenserver u can add more Xenserver to make a server cluster, this might help you out somewhat or not at all, just tought I should trough it out there! thats why i used a bunch of old laptops. It's was a fun experience Only thing I did not get to test out tough was if there could be achived any loadbalancing in case a server died... hmm I might have to travel back to Xenserver for a futture indevers and have a look it that is somthing that is offered.... Anyways GL and keep me posted on the project!

Yep i have it combined, OS and repository for OS is on the same local disk. I choose Xen because it is free (correct me on that one if i am wrong). Will post about the progress definetly. I started with this one: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/building-a-24-bay-zfs-nas-and-need-hardware-recommendations/107886/2

yeah it is free but you have to buy the support, as far as production goes. I dont think Xenserver is used that much, so for me who does experiment with vm for educational purposes. I do think it is bether to do them in an environment that is more likely to be used in a job later on. I can be mistaken but that was what the place where i took my aprenticeship told me.

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