What mechanical keyboard sounds like it would suit me?

I'm currently using a Corsair K70 with red switches, the only thing that bothers me at all about using this keyboard is the switches, I bottom keys out all of the time, I think that MX greens or blues would suit me much more, but considering I'm used to typing on red switches now, is that a good idea to make that kind of jump, straight from reds to blues or greens?

In hindsight, I wish I had bought the K70 with blue switches, although from using red switches, I feel that it has improved my accuracy, because if I were to be clumsy whilst typing, I'd probably end up typing out tonnes of gibberish, I find that I can activate the keys too easily with these switches.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Go try some keyboards out, it's all highly subjective.

Well blue would be the next step if you discount brown. Green might be too much of a jump.

If possible go and try some out, if there are no stores who are willing to pop a box or two, try a friends out.

It will cost a small amount but buying a switch tester is the perfect way to find the exact switch you like.. I got an 8 key switch tester from max keyboard that has red, black, blue, green, brown, white, clear, and light grey switches. From these you can make any switch style and weight and see which you like most and then get the keyboard you like.

I know, but that';s the problem, in my country, there's nowhere you can really 'test' keyboards out, or at least no where that's local to my location. The only major company that sells what I'd be looking for, they box everything and have security all over the place, you can't even open the box, unless you purchase the product, they had a security sealer thing on the box.

For me to test out the different types of keyboards, I'd literally have to buy one of each, and I don't have that kind of money, sadly! :(

The only thing that makes me debate in even buying a switch tester is that, it wouldn't be like using an actual keyboard, I know I'm being fussy and possibly even annoying in saying this, but I'd want to be able to actually test out typing on each different type of switch.

No that if fair, you don't get the same feel as typing on a tester as you do with a full board. I understand that completely but it can easily point out the differences in switch's and the feel. But you don't get the feel of typing at speed in a full board.

Check out the Logitech Orion keyboard. They designed their own type of mech keys called gromer or something like that. But try are very nice and feel great.

Do they require a lot of pressure to bottom the keys out?

Between I've got strong fingers and I'm a musician, mostly playing the guitar, I have very strong fingers, with red, I bottom the keys out without eve trying and it annoys people in my house, so something needs to change?

  • I've looked into O-Rings, but they don't sound like a great solution, unless you guys have a different opinion? Are they any good? I've never tired them myself.

Hmmm I'm not really sure. It's the first mechanical keyboard I've used. I would say it's like most others. The only difference I've heard is that it activates a lot key strokes really early in the key press

Personally what I am doing is taking my keyboard apart and swapping the spring in the red switches (45g) for custom 100g springs to keep the linear feel I like and just add a ton or resistance. I also have o-rings and they help a lot, combined with the heavier springs would make for a nice quiet typing.

As for keyboards. Varmillo VA87 and VA104 come with options for Cherry MX Dark Grey switches, the heaviest linear cherry officially make at 80g. Or the CM Storm Quickfure series come with Greens again 80g but clicky like the blues so maybe not the best for silence. The WASD Code also comes with greens too. And the Cherry Light Grey is the heaviest tactile switch at again 80g-85g.


I love the sound of your custom switch, I would love something like that, I feel like I need resistance for typing to be honest.

there used to be a 6 switch tester on coolermaster store with a discount on a keyboard. cant find it now but I'm just lazy.

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while i need a new keyboard to, can anyone reccomend a mechanical keyboard that is rather more quite? also i need a backlighitng keyboard,
The razer Stealth edition looks really nice but its so overpriced, i dont really know any others;...

I'm having a good time with Razers blackwidow Chroma which uses some generic switches painted green because razer. I wanted it for its ability to colour all keys individually, the switches were a pleasant surprise. If you like me type fast and hard it sounds like an artillery barrage so if noise is an issue, its not for you. The deathadder chroma mouse however is worse than shit on a stick and realizing you just grabbed the wrong end at the same time.

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That mouse sounds like fun to use, I must say...

It's great....and cheap too! In build quality. But at least it is expensive and can change led light colours.

sound of gnashing teeth

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LMAO. That's the highlight of the mouse, it can change colour? XD

BTW. I see you used British spelling for the word colour. I like it! ;)

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