What Matters for GPU video encoding?

I’m currently in the process of converting my dvd and bluray collection to .265 using handbrakes nvenc encoder.

I’m running a modest 1660.

I also make video for YouTube in premiere which I usually export in .264.

I note that when encoding most of the GPU resources are idle and I believe this is because the encoding relies on a specific portion of the GPU which is probably intended to help with streaming above all else?

I would like to know how i can rate the performance of other cards such as RTX 3060 or equivalent quatro for this kind of workload vs my current card as it doesn’t seem directly related to the key specs?

Or would my money be better spent on a 16 core CPU?

CPU encoding is more efficient for the same bitrate. a 3500k CPU encode looks better than at 3500k GPU encode.

A GPU with an ASIC encoder for the specific codec you want is faster than CPU encoding with the above caveat.

If you must use NVENC, still try to use a higher bitrate to retain the speed and get good quality.

CPU encoding is needed when you encode 10bit video because NVENC is only 8bit in Premiere.

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