What LED Light Strip

I am building a pc and want to customize it with led light strips and i have not used any lighting in a pc before and was wondering what light strip(s) to get.

I have some RGBs in my case, got em from Amazon only thing is that I had to make a molex to barrel jack

for a single color
you can get the smd3528's
its like around $6 for white when i last bought them.
16.4f .

if you want to be able to change it
you will want to get the smd5050's

but the cost is higher

cut, wire light..
there is some premade but will run ALOT more

just do some research about smd3528 "35mm28mm die"
and smd5050 "50mm50mm die"
the smd5050 is a 4 pin but allows for color changing,

enjoy. ive made a few customs

Thank you i will take a look at them and see what i think

thank you i will take a look and see what i think.

I am using Bitfenix BFA-ACL-30RK15-RP Alchemy LED Connect Lit Strip 30CM 15 LEDs - Red.
easy to use and works well.