What laptop to buy?

I need help choosing a laptop.

My budget is 800-900$ (7500 Swedish Kronor)

It will be used for music production and some light gaming. It needs to have at least 8 GB of ram and a reasonable SSD.

I can’t find any good options, everything seems kinda crap…

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank me later.

GPU might be a little more powerful then for your use tho.

7300HQ is a true quad core, but is not hyperthreaded.

Something a bit more expensive then the one I listed above, but more ram is included, and GPU is slightly less powerful.

7500u is a dual core but is hyperthreaded.

More powerful GPU then the 940mx , slightly more powerful CPU. 128GB SSD with 1TB HDD 8GB RAM.

The 7700HQ is a quad core hyperthreaded.

I would go with this one… But that’s just me. GPU is overkill for light gaming.



I just got an msi gs63vr from 2016 for 700 bucks. Might be worth keeping an eye out.