What language to learn first?

What coding language should I learn first? I was thinking of java script/html 5.

Depends on what field do you want to go for. For web services for example javascript and html 5 is a must.

Also python is an all-around useful language to learn.


I myself have decided on Python !!! :O)

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for game making!

python ftw followed by php

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C++/C# is a safe bet if you're interested in making games

whats the best program to code with C++

I'd start with a text editor and the compiler.


If you are using windows go with Visual Studio, it's compiler is used for most programs on windows


C++ seems to be requirement no matter what.

Junior Gameplay Programmer

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, mathematics or related field.
Experience in academic projects, own personal projects or 1+ year of experience as a programmer.
Good knowledge of C++.
Familiarity with the Visual Studio.
Basic knowledge of game engine architecture and algorithms.
Ability to easily communicate in English.

Visual studio is an option for windows for C/C++. Eclipse is another for all platforms and most languages as well (you can plug what ever you want in it). As IDEs go i prefer it. Plus because its FOSS it is widely used for many different tool-flows so it is useful to be familiar with it.

If you do not want a full IDE and want just a text editor, that many people prefer, things like sublime, kate and so on are good choices....It a very personal choice.

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If you don't have any previous programming experience, then I'd say any language is fine as long as you actually do something. Making a game from scratch in C++ (or doing anything in C++) will be very off-putting to a beginner. I'd say take a look at Unity3D since C# programming in Unity is more straight-forward and you can probably find a lot of online help/tutorials.

In any way it's probably more fun to learn programming when you get something on screen from start that isn't just text in a console. Whatever language you decide on find a good "[language] for beginners" resource and then know that a lot of what you learn will be applicable to the next language you learn.

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I wouldn't start on C++, go with something like Python and use a library like pygame if you want to make a simple 2d game relitivaly quickly once you know most of the Python language.

Pythons syntax is much easier than c++, as well as the language is much closer to english compared to C++.

You'll learn everything you need to be able to grasp larger languages like C/C++ and it will make learning them much easier.

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If anyone on here is currently studying or wants to study Python - I'd love to form a group to chat / E-mail each other. This could be helpful for asking questions, holding each other accountable, and working on projects.

Anyone interested?

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count me in

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Im totally up for that. Ive been wanting to learn Python for a long time (I am setting up PyDev with Eclipse right now). I am a big noob with Python, but ido consider myself tech savvy. If you still want to do it. Hit me up.

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