What kind of video gamer are you?

Gamer%20Motivation%20Profile%20Action-Oriented%2C%20Proficient%2C%20Driven%2C%20Social%2C%20Deeply%20Immersed%2C%20and%20Creative Gamer%20Motivation%20Profile%20Action-Oriented%2C%20Proficient%2C%20Driven%2C%20Social%2C%20Deeply%20Immersed%2C%20and%20Creative(2)

I really don’t play that much anymore though

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That’s pretty fricken well rounded dude haha

you care about almost nothing, and the things you do care about are only around 50%

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I don’t trust those percentages though. I don’t care at all about social interaction. Even in World of Warcraft I only play with others when I need to run a dungeon/raid for a quest. Could be NPCs for all I care. And yet it shows 2% in the graph.

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now this is a real gamer

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this is why self reporting is not a trust worthy method

meaning you don’t mind it but don’t care over all. That’s pretty spot on if you don’t care, but do it when you have to

Should be illegal



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I have zero interest in it and answered all questions as such that included “players” or “pvp”.
The “when you have to” part is what annoys me, as you literally have to queue for a group if a quest target is in a dungeon/raid. This is fine for current content but nobody cares about the previous content and you have to wait until you can solo those dungeons/raids to complete the quests.
And here I am complaining about playing with other players in an MMORPG…

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This is evidence of trickery either that or you never game at all

Yours is interesting. Are you not a multiplayer fan?

I’m not surprised by my resulting charts:



Also how do I join the steam group?

Hit the Join button while logged in.

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Ah… I figured this may be the issue…
I’m browsing from my phone now…
Give me an hour… Cooking…

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I don’t control the passing of time and cannot grant it nor take it away. :man_shrugging:

Get the Steam app. Has the authenticator. Better be save than sorry.


I don’t game much, just playing rocket league these days.

> chose 3 favorite games
> can’t decide
> closes tab

I can’t finish this survey