What kind of switch power input connector is this?

Besides DC! :crazy_face:

I have this little workgroup switch where the power juts out into my router on the shelf so I’d like to reroute this but don’t know what type this is?

Any chance there is a low profile 90 degree adapter for it?

it’s just a barrel jack, Use a multimeter to see which side is positive, and then measure it to see what size it is, then search for that type of barrel jack on aliexpress with “center positive” or “center negative” accordingly

on top of what @tkoham wrote

be sure to run on correct specs or you’ll burn it out, or it won’t have enough power causing odd issues – see how much A/V/Wattage it needs.

ah yeah, I’d just assume he’d be switching the connector on the supplied wall wart

Thank you for all the replies
No multimeter. Is there another way to determine center pin is +/- ?
It’s a little larger than 3/16 inches on the tape. I was thinking there might be a small angled adapter for this. Should I be swapping out the whole plug?

the wall wart will have a little symbol like this:

looks like yours is center positive, 48v, 2A DC

for the measurement you really want it in metric

Oh awesome, had no idea that symbol was even a thing and thank you for the education! There is a harbor freight in town so I will see about a metric rule or caliper, whatever they have.

The Pittsburgh caliper flutters between 5.4mm and 5.5mm.
Now to find a suitable angled adapter that does not stick out as far and the straight connector

This is the type of low profile adapter connector I’d like to find, but unfortunately these required soldering so not something I would tackle.


you don’t need to solder… get electrical tape, expose the wires on both ends and spring them together, and secure with tape tightly…

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