What kind of overclocks do you guys think i could get?

Ok i was having to use the stock cooler on my fx-8150,but now i got in a replacment water cooler for the one that broke in my backup rig.

I got a Coolit ECO II(rebranded H60)which i am using in push-pull.

My temps with stock cooler was 66c for the cpu,and 62c for the gpu(while playing shift 2),with the new cooler i used cpu overdrive in the amd driver,and it says it auto overclocked it to 4.1ghz(yet cpu-z says 4.4ghz)on stock voltage,and i am getting 46c for the cpu and 52c for the gpu,after about 30 min of playing the same game.

My GPU is a referance 7970.


With those kind of temps,and what the auto overclock is,what speeds should i be able to hit?

I am leaving for work,but i will read all the comments when i get back.

If you need more info let me know and i will post it when i get back.

Those temps are a bit high. are you using low airflow fans for noise reduction? if so you should get some new ones because i wasnt even running that hot on air with an fx-8350

temps under load should hover around ~43~ if you are using that cooler on that cpu. and also make sure you installed enough TIM on the cpu before you put the waterblock on. 

now to the overclocking. you should be able to get a stable 4.5-4.6 GHz over clock with that chip. dont use the auto over clocker that just creates more heat because it ups the voltages to retarded levels. I suggest cpu north bridge overclocking. and fix those fans if you have an airflow problem becuase i was getting 53 C with air.

heres a tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MckeAmnDeTk

I am using 2 stock coolit fans,also i currently can't find my tube of artic silver,so i am having to use the stock TIM JUST until i can afford to buy another tube(i don't have any extra money).

I will undo the auto overclock.

Thank you for the tutorial,but do you have any advice you can give me in addition to the video?

Cause the last time i tried to overclock i tried on my backup rig(680i LT,q9450,coolit domino ALC)i could not even get 2.8ghz stable lol.

Also for the system air flow i have a Coolermaster HAF 932 stock fan config,expect i put a 120mm on the plastic duct for the video card,and i had to take the stock 140mm fan off the back to make way for the cooler.

Idk if this help to explain the temps,but i live in houston,TX and live in my sisters unfinished garage.