What kind of music do y'all like?

Im sure theres another thread like this floating around, I dont care.  Im a rebel.  You cannot list Zweihänder.  That is an expectation... :)  



Well heres my list


Blue Oyster Cult


The Outfield

Bob Seger

REO Speedwagon

Thin lizzy

Bump because i feel like it

Solid list. Why isn't Cinderella on there?

For a second i thought you were making fun of my list lol.  I just listed the ones i listen to most frequently.  I do enjoy me some Cinderella too.  Very good.  

Now you got me listening to Cinderella,  ughhhh.....

I like those. I like almost every genre though: pop, rock, metal, jazz, reggae, classical, hip hop, electronic, etc. I think talent lies in the artist, not the genre but I like too many artists to list.

I would agree, but i just cant take crappy top 40 music.  I just cant.  Its 1990 or later for me :P

And did i not list Bad Company?  Oopsies.  Bad Company should be on there.  Listening to Rock and Roll Fantasy as we speak

I'm mostly an electronica guy, to be more specific: hardstyle and other house type music. I also thoroughly enjoy classic rock as well

Yeeeeeaaaahhh buddy!

I would make a list, but it jumps around through too many different genres.

Burn me for saying it but I like progressive house.

Burn me for saying this!  But i like country. :) :D

I listen to a lot of rock with prog elements and a strong front man.

A Perfect Circle

Alice in Chains


Chris Cornell


Faith No More, Fantomas, and really everything Mike Patton



Porcupine Tree



The Cure

The Smashing Pumpkins


I never could get into A Perfect Circle. Not quite the same as Tool...they lost that anger.

Their cover of Imagine was incredibly "Emotive". (Pun on their album title) Also their song, "Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drum" was pretty cool, fun video to go with it too.

APC is really Tool lite, but still quite good. Can still be angry with Maynard at the helm but for the most part it's more melancholy.

cherry poppin daddies, big bad voodoo daddies, youngblood brass band, and anything else that does not insult women.

I mostly listen to these five bands...

  • A Perfect Circle
  • Tool
  • Disturbed
  • Chevelle
  • Alterbridge

I listen to plenty of others, but these are the five that I listen to the most.

these are my favorite bands and solo artists

  • the beatles
  • Paul McCartney/wings
  • vampire weekend
  • daft punk
  • Bob Dylan
  • Queen