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What Kind of Linux Articles do You Want to See?


So while we do have @wendell's thread about video content

I've been thinking about doing a few Linux oriented articles and tutorial type things on specific topics.

I'd been thinking about some stuff on ip, network manager, firewalld, systemd, etc.

Also i thought i might to a tutorial on setting up your own wiki with things like mediawiki, posrgres, nginx, including firewall stuff needed, TLS setup and all that stuff.

Is anyone interested in this? If so what things would you like to see?


I'd like to see the wiki stuff you mentioned.


setting up a proper email server would be hella.


First guide about wikis on a wiki that you set up in the guide, excellent. I'd like to do that same, or help, but not sure how.


( I assume most people here know this. But there are some new people to Linux here. )

Kernel compile guide.

There are some youtube videos and articles on compiling the kernel from source. Non ever really get all that in depth. I beleive we dont have one here. Although i have not checked yet.

I remember back in the day, on Ubuntu, I stripped my kernel down to only the necessary stuff and that thing booted fast. I also applied some hz patch that increased the hz. That patch made evertying super snappy. Although i think work on that patch stopped. Or its not done for every kernel release. ( the last time I used it was back when the kernel was in the 2/3 series iirc )

EDIT: i found the patch i was talking about. I didn't look thru every release. I did tho look at the newest 4 release and it was not in it. I dont know if it got merged into some muqs thing, or whatever the name is.


I actually plan on covering this sometime in my #ult series.


Let me know what areas you will plan to cover. Maybe we can collaborate or i can help as editor / proofing for areas i know about.


will be more of a introductory course because there is not reasonable way to cover something like that without going mad

will be over downloading, basic configuration with the rules and tips and that kind of stuff, how to compile, debug, etc.

will be a wihle though. got alot more stuff to cover before i ever get to that point but if you want to help with #ult or anything else then shoot me a PM


That would be awesome. I can cover a few things too like the proper use of Git and gerrit for project management, open source licensing & ethics, Android development, tool chains & clang, and a few references as to how to start with things like kernel development.

Maybe something we should consider is a Level1Techs archive or something where users can submit documentation for review, and if it meets criteria, they can maintain that page. Of course, that's just a concept.

Looking forward to seeing more on here from people that have experience.


I think how to google answers for linux is the greatest benefit to new linux users. Using the advanced google options like Tools / Past year or Past month to pull up information that is relevant to a current distro.

It more a life lesson than a linux thing but google skills and common sense are sharp tools to use.

Linux can't be spoon feed, well at this point in time as I see it but it is very doable and productive given a chance. People need the mindset to do and not to be given. That about it.


Explaining some of the things we come across with Linux but some may not understand.

Packaging system, rpm, deb and the newer ones like snap and flatpack.

Why some distros love sudo and other avoid it like the plague.

Systemd or not systemd

Why wayland?


I am very new to Linux and don't understand the commands or how to the same tasks I do on windows . So anything you want to post get my vote. I really want to free my self from the evil empire Winblows. Sorry had to add a Star Wars reference, also I apologies in advance for the misspelling and grammar mistake. I am type into this out on an IPad and the keyboard app is interfering with my typing.


3 subjects:
overclocking AMD on linux, overclocking intel on linux, overclocking tools for linux.
overclocking catagory is right next to Grant's tomb :slight_smile:


Those would all be interesting.


What might be useful to a lot of people is how to properly diagnose a Linux problem and produce proper bug reports. So if you are trying to run a piece of software and it crashes without warning; how (in general) you go about fixing this issue. Setting up strace and investigating where/why the bug is crashing the software.


Seems @Eden and a few dozen of his colleagues are realizing this idea. I applaud the effort and would argue for tighter integration of that site here in the Level1 Tech domain.

Without eyeballs, wikis simply die. Here, in close proximity to the Discourse-based forum, that starvation of eyeballs is less likely to happen, especially if the wiki is a top-level navigation sibling of the Discourse forum.

That said, however, I do not feel that the Discourse message board itself is an apt format for articles. It has been designed for conversation - a time-series of thoughts that spring off what was written before and serve as a springboard for the next thoughts. Discourse, the software underlying this forum, is well-designed for that sort of thing, and that sort of thing may very well be the genesis for ideas for articles as prospective material is examined, evaluated, dropped or retained. But at the end of the day, ideas for articlesarticles.

The latter is a more sustained form of presentation that suffers from the turmoil of discourse. Comments intrude with trains of thoughts. The trains of thoughts themselves are prototypes for more solid thinking. Articles don't sit well in discourse, even though the prototyping work often does.

Ward Cunningham makes a nice distinction between Thread Mode and Pattern Mode writing. Discourse, the message board environment, is well suited for the banging-on about article ideas - thread mode. But at the end of the day, when some participants of the discussion spy the glean of an article in the serial discourse, they need a repository for the Pattern Mode refactoring of the discourse - a wiki. And the wiki has to be There and not About To Be There.

So there. I think a wiki is a necessary prerequisite so that this ambition has a proper container at the end of the day when the caterpillars of thoughts about articles morph into decently cross-linked articles - the butterflies realized.


About Desktop environments Gnome, KDE... how to maintain them fix them if they brake. Coverage of addons. Maybe some alternatives. I managed to get i3-gaps wm to run on fedora. RICE all the things. This is some magic on laptops.

Nothing crazy just enough to get people on the right track and to think for themselfs (me included).


Also fixing xorg when it breaks, alsa/pulse, package manager too. Many things that are getting broken sometimes and are really pita to fix tho :smiley:


kernel compile guide

I'm able to do this.

@eden I would like to get in on these guides. If you'd like to collaborate, send me a PM. I have some things in the works right now and was planning to release over the course of the next couple months.

Glad to see this kicking off. I feel like the forum has started to stagnate a bit.


systemd. I find it exceptional. Many want to kill it. Why?