What kind of job would I get with this level of education?

Sorry I know this isn't about hardware but there is no general networking forum :(


Im looking to start a career in the tech field and have been looking around a few technical colleges in my area. Both of the schools closest to me offer a degree as "networking specialist"

What i would like to know is, is this good enough to get a job in this field/ what can I expect from completing this program. What other certifications or side training would I need to go along with this.

These are my two choices:

Option 1: Southern Crescent Technical College


(Scroll down to "Computer Information Systems")


Option 2: West Georgia Technical College



Thank you to anyone who takes the time to look over any of this.


I would go for a computer science degree if thats a option. I have never seen a job advert asking for a degree in networking specifically. If your choices are limited go through curriculum to see what the course actually involves. I was too lazy to read through your links but I did have a quick look, the second link said it would prepare you for a "entry level position". To me that doesnt sound very ambitious for a bachelor of science. Might be a warning sign. 

For networking certs

(Network +)  nice introduction but I wouldnt do it again, better to go straight for the ccna

(CCNA R+S) great cert, a CCNA should defiantly get you plenty of interviews

For more information try the tech exams forum. Its shame more networking isnt discussed on the tek forum 


Wendell mentioned some kind of certification to look for that whatever college/uni or going to has in the course you want to go for. Sorry, I can't recall what it was called. But I do know that the university I am going to next has it for CSCI. Also go for a CSCI degree if you can. Also, try to get an internship! Everyone has told me that good internships go far when it comes to getting a job.