What Kind of general framerate?

Here are my specs.

Radeon R9 270x Gigabyte OC.

PSU: 600b evga 600 watt bronze certified.

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 750k

RAM: 4gb of corsair vengence ram.

Motherboard: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 FM2 AMD A75

COOLING: stock 

STORAGE: 500gb hard disk, 250gb hard disk, 200gb hard disk all 7200

In battlefield 4 I get frame rates all over the place. What is a general fps do you think I should be getting, if you can tell just specs i have no idea. Also, whenever I overclock I get a bsod. I have no idea why.

With max settings at 1080p I wouldn't expect to get an average over 40 fps and there will be points in the game where it is higher and points where it is lower. On high you should be averaging close to 60. I'm using this guide.

As for BSOD, how much are you trying to overclock, what kind of temperatures are you running stock, and how are you overclocking? Are you overclocking in the bios, are you just increasing the cpu multiplier or reference clock, or are you adjusting voltages as well?

The first thing that I can think to suggest would be to get better cooling. Stock cooling is woefully inadequate in most overclocking scenarios and heat and insufficient voltage are the things that cause BSOD when it is overclocking related.

I just want to add that overclocking is basically a fight between heat and voltage. As your frequency gets higher, it requires more voltage and creates more heat. As heat goes up, so does the internal resistance of the CPU and the voltage drop across the cpu increases. It is then necessary for the overclocker to increase the voltage which, once again, increases the heat and the cycle continues. This is why a good aftermarket cooler is highly recommended when you are trying to overclock.

That benchmark is highly inaccurate.


Performance right now has been messed up since last patch but before the patch and these horrid CPU spikes i could get a average of 70-75ish (though i use vsync) on nearly every map. on zavod near the C-D area i could drop down to low 50's during intense battle in that area.


Now after the patch some maps still run perfect zavod runs still horrid as always and then oddly seige runs god awful. I easily get a average of 45FPS on seige.


This is with a R9 280x so i would suspect you could look at 55ish average if this were before the dec 20th patch. If/when they fix the performance you should be looking at that or possibly higher

I always got higher performance in multiplayer. These benchmarks were single player (and one of the more graphically intense parts) which frequently brought my GTX 770 under 60 fps. I always like worst case scenario numbers over best case scenario numbers. That way you are never disappointed. I haven't had battlefield 4 installed for a few weeks though since it was so buggy for me. I made space on my SSD for more functional games.

You should get very playable frames, on ultra settings 1080p, in multiplayer. Absolute certainty.

It's just that Battlefield 4 happens to be that "type of game". It has its problems, like so many other releases this year.