What kind of coffee do you prefer?

I like a single shot of espresso and a bit of steamed milk. (A small flat white to those of us in New Zealand and Australia) I prefer a higher proportion of coffee to milk than a latte.

I'm not a fan of adding sugar unless the coffee is bitter.. which no good coffee should be bitter.

What say you?

I like ristretto double shots, straight, or dry cappuccinos. I don't want actual milk or sugar in my coffee, as good coffee doesn't need anything. Looking at upgrading to a La Pavoni Europiccola to do somereal shots, but money is, well, let's say being OCed. Okay, I spent it on non-essential upgrades. Again.

double shots with nothing added to them (see picture)


its easy to draw dicks with latte art

But a double shot with nothing added doesn't have steamed milk added to it, and that is far too light and varied in color to be the crema from the espresso. Although those do look really tasty.

Lite roast, french press is my favorite but i drink almost any coffee, really like Maconha.

Drinking regular granulated at the moment though, Standard milk 2 coffee 2 sugars.

Yes i put about double as much coffee in as most people, for double the caffiene hit.

Once i got a whole 1KG bag of coffee beans and turned it into about a litre or 2 of coffee and drunk between me and a friend, we had the shakes all day lol

Black with a spoonful or two of sugar.

Gevalia, because I can't afford better right now, and this was a gift. I like it because it is exceptionally smooth and not very bitter at all, even black. I usually add a dab of some form of dairy, I prefer cream-based creamers, but I've been known to use heavy whipping cream, half and half, milk, steamed milk, condensed milk and evaporated milk. I've also taken to using standard non-dairy based coffeemate creamers since I've inexplicably developed a mild allergy to dairy. I prepare mine my letting the coffee steep in a container of water just off a boil before I stir it and filter it through a really fine mesh coffee filter. I find it gives a similar effect to a french press. Sometimes I add sugar, depends on the coffee and the day I've had.

Double shot espresso double shot Irish Cream

I prefer French Press, but because I don't want to deal with the French Press every morning I use a regular coffee pot for my weekday coffee. I drink coffee straight black, Esspresso I do prefer some milk or cream but I don't drink a lot of Esspresso because I haven't found my favorite, and a lot of coffee shops sell them to expensive to drink. Like a Starbucks would charge $5.00 for a Caramel Machiato with three shots of Esspresso. And a local Coffee Shop where they roast their own beans charges the equivalent(better tasting to) for half the price. 

For regular coffee I grind it myself. I like it nearly fine, but not to fine to the point I'm going to have some left over in my cup, or to fine that I'm actually about to make Esspresso. My favorite roast so far is Three Sisters by Kicking Horse Coffee, their from Canada and I get it off of Amazon. But recently just to get it quicker I like to drink Pete's Coffee, its from Seattle, pretty good. I drink Medium Roast, I don't make it with tap water. I use Ozarka, its actually from a Spring that is three hours from where I live.

I do own a Esspresso machine, but its to much of a hassle to make my own. Especially with the steaming of the milk. I can't get the stretching prefected. 

A black italian roast coffee with a hint of nutmeg.

Mocha with gingerbread syrup. Add in some vanilla cream (self charged) if you want something fine.

Black coffee. Sometimes I will let it get cold and drink it. I love the bitter flavor.

Irish Coffee from time to time (yes, alchohol is 16+ here :p), but nothing above a nice cappuccino or a (latte) Macchiato. I also quite like Mocha.

I usually put 2-3 Nespresso [Roma, normal sized coffee] into a jug, no milk, no sugar. And those add up to my approx 18 coffees / day.

Mocha is my choice ,in fact i love doing it at home and because of it i bought an coffee machine in Finland or Kahviautomaatit or coffee machine which now a days i explore the taste of different kind of coffee with chocolate added with milk.Seem i am going to drink later a cup of mocha.

Latte with either caramel or vanilla flavouring. Nothing better.

Although when I went to Vietnam, I had a Vietnamese drip coffee. Oh my god, the greatest thing I've tasted.

Tea! Ha!

Espresso roast Arabica through a drip coffee maker, 6 scoops of grinds per every 4 cups of water. This makes a very strong highly caffeinated cup of coffee that doesn't lack flavor like a breakfast roast would. No sugar, no cream.

For Tea I like both hot and cold White and Green teas and hot Irish breakfast tea without cream or sugar.