What kind of cable would I need to use a laptop as a monitor?

I want to build up a desktop, but don't wanna shell out for a monitor just yet so I can build a better tower for the time being. It doesn't have the screw in one, it's smaller with a bunch of holes. I found a picture it's the bottom one labeled RGB. I don't plan on using it too long, just wanna make sure I'll have a working system witthout having to spend that extra 140$ right now.

lol wutt? remote monitor...


wut? I'm confused.


wut? I'm confused.


I don't think you can use a laptop as a monitor. Laptops only have output, not input. Your best bet would be to detach the hinge and then willy-nilly the ribbon cable dangling off the screen portion into some kind of standard-cable-compatible-connector. Likely a massive amount more work than its worth.

Laptops only have output, not input. Your best bet is to run some remote desktop software that will trick Windows into thinking it is a monitor. 

you could put vnc on your desktop, then connect with your laptop to view the desktop screen.


or you can pull apart the laptop and figure out how to wire up the fpd-link

Laptop screens have specific GPUs to work with them, and that's why they don't have input.

I can't really fuck with it so I'll have to find a monitor somewhere haha.