What "kind" of Android phone should i get?

For a little less than a year i’ve been rocking an iPhone SE, i’m really satisfied with the general performance, the OS and everything, but the call quality is atrocious, rare are the occasions when i can make or receive a call with no errors, specially indoors.
That just kills all the joy i had with the device, i’m ready to let go of it just for this one reason.
I’m not going to talk prices because the discrepancy is huge between US and Brazil, so i’m going to ask for a “cheat sheet”, so to say, of specs that i can look for.
What i need the device to do:

  • to have good or outstanding call quality
  • a decent rear camera (on par with the SE or better, i really don’t care about the front camera)
  • that run demanding games with ease (Rockstar titles, emulators, etc.)

I’ve been looking at flagship models like the Sony XZ2 and Samsung S9 which would no doubt suffice the needs, but the price is too high, so i want to know, how low in specs can i get and still get a satisfying phone?

Oneplus 6 the best overall Android phone on the market right now.

  • Good camera
  • Fast
  • Excellent call quality

And top notch lineage support


Yup, but unfortunately unavailable in my region.

What about the Nokia 7 plus?

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Well said, back when i had my Moto X Play i ran LineageOS on it, it was a great experience!

We have the Nokia 7 and 8 only, the Plus and Sirocco models haven’t launched yet.

There’s only the 7 plus AFAIK.
So if you have the 7, it should be that one.

The one i found matches to this one on GSMArena: https://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_7-8907.php

Around the price range of that one i can also get the Xperia XZ1 or XZ Premium or for a little more i can get the Nokia 8

Ah, must be a regional thing.

The Nokia 8 is a decent phone if you don’t mind the larger bezels. Can’t comment on call quality on that one though.

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In my very long experience with Android phones, Sony is a brand I avoid.

Subpar build quality, crap internal layout, extremely unergonomic designs, one of the shittest non Chinese softwares.

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If you can find a leftover galaxy S8 they can often be had for a fair coin.

Moto z³ is another option.

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Guys over at XDA forums say its very good, from what i’ve been reading. I really don’t mind the bezels, i like them actually, makes it easier to hold the phone in landscape mode imo.

Are they still like this then? Last one i had from Sony was the T2 Ultra, literally the worst phone i’ve ever had.

Samsung is really easy to find, specially the more upmarket ones, every now and then even a Note 8 shows up for a decent price.

They got better, but lagging behind, you can safely ignore them.

I would go for that then.

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Samsung Note 8 or Nokia 8 it is then!
We’re approaching black friday season, i’ll keep my eyes open for both models.

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Whatever you get, do NOT get a Mediatek “version” of anything.

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I know, my colleague is suffering HELL with a Sony XA1 he bought, you could fry an egg on the back of the phone considering how hot it gets lol

Shouldn’t he wait for the 6t?

Wouldn’t come over either, all of the OnePlus phones in the country are independently imported and most of them take a tax hit of +60% price increase.

I have the XA1 Ultra, and it works great. Battery life could be better, but otherwise a very good UX.

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