What Job should i aim for?

thinking about getting into the i.t field. I'm okay with computers and i can easily understand the books on networking and i kind of like learning about it. However what kind of job should i aim for so that i don't have to worry about money like i do right now. It's worth noting that im unemployed and a college dropout, 21 years old and my life is currently going nowhere .

no matter what job you have. you will still have to worry about money.

I disagree sweetness.

The money will come, you just need to do something and something with a passion.

If you apply yourself and do 2x the average, you don't lazy, you take the opportunities you can make money off anything

And back to op: there are a lot of entry level jobs in networking, service desks and such


bro i live below the poverty line

so do i. but i have not found anybody that does not worry about money to some degree.

true but currently i need a livable wage. there is money in i.t and almost always income increase, where as any other job is a 20 yr investment waiting for retirement or ss benefits. That's not gonna work for me because i tried it and hated it.

maybe in some jobs in some countrys but not the one im in. at least not in most jobs.

Agree with @SajkoWolfe.
I find a lot of my peers and such around my university are severely under qualified but got the job anyway from the entry position. All you really gotta do is try.
I know Wendall mentioned being adaptable along the lines of continuously building your skill set. Pretty much a requirement for any field of IT, keep up with the new tech- otherwise you will be out of a job like the phone operators of the 60's my university used to have.
I don't have a formal degree or any certs, just job experience. It's half of what you need. Just find some entry level stuffs to kick it for a while, and move on.
Also, most of us are at or below the poverty line, especially in our age group (I'm 24) so don't feel so bad.

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thanks! what can i do though starting today? i just can't see a way out of this rut that i'm in. I always hear people making 60k -130k as a sysadmin. is this true? should i just enroll in a bootcamp or are there better options. I'm basically a loser at this point man, living off my parents this can't be life lol.

First thing, is to stop calling yourself names. No one wants to hire a loser. Second, temp services will get you past the "who the fuck are you, and why should I care?" Bullshit. You just do it once with the agency and MAYBE once more after you've already been considered. Specify that you want a tech job.

Once you are there, find someone technologically retarded and be their champion. Their needs are minimal and they will appreciate not having to divide their focus. Keep up your studies, they will say good things about you and their friends will want to test your metal. Don't fuck this part up. Fail that part and you can look forward to keeping your 10.00 hr data entry job or whatever the agency gave you.

Good luck.

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Are you good with social media? There are quite a few places out there looking for people to work their social media.

On a more serious note, what do you want to do with this job? Stay with it as a career, or just keep it long enough to get some money? If you want to make a career out of it, working for just your paycheck won't get you very far because your employer will probably figure it out pretty quick. If you want to work for the paycheck, do whatever comes your way, but know there won't be a whole lot of future growth.

Whatever you do, don't put yourself down. Being negative will only rub off on others, making your chances of employment sink drastically.

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Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you love to do so life will be enjoyable

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Screw IT and join the building trades.

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I know how you feel. I think I was feeling pretty down about things right around 21, especially regarding my career/future.

I'd say if you like tech, you gotta figure out whatabouts it you like. I like building, refurbishing, and selling machines. You might like networking, sysadmin, whatever. You should decide before taking the long plunge- thankfully you live in the age of information, so you can learn whatever you like.
As for 60k+, it really depends. I live in a city where google and a few other companies live. I've watched them hire kids to cut the 130k guy for 60k grad. 60k is cool, just remember you're playing a game no matter where you work. Hence the stuff I mentioned about 'adapting' and 'building' your skill set. Things change before you know it.
I wouldn't suggest a bootcamp or 'classes' for certs unless you're looking at a specific job that requires them. But at the same time, if you can afford education, you should seek it.
A lot of employers require stuff like A+ certs as a base for even entry level, but I've never done it, you can cut some corners with experience, but not all of them.

LOL I feel this all the time. I'm lucky I have a parent to pay for my college stuff, but either way I'm still pretty broke too.
But like everybody says, be positive.

I would suggest looking for some free online courses and spend some time to see if you like it. Certainly try your hand at programming with sites like http://codecademy.com . That is something you can do now. http://lynda.com is another one and you can probably just burn through some courses in the 2 week trial. Although I would suggest buying it if you can afford it.

In the future I would maybe suggest community college. Only issue is I'm not sure what the cost is like for those programs in the US. In Canada they are around $2000 a semester and you will need 6 semesters over a three year program. Its full time so you may need to borrow a lot of money for living expenses and tuition costs. The good thing about IT is that you don't really need to buy the textbooks unless you get a teacher that specifically teaches from it. 9 times out of 10 you can find more up to date and searchable information on the internet.