That's fast, though technically, it's not quite the fastest internet in the US. There are several very small local ISPs that now offer 10G speeds. EPB in Chattanooga, TN, offers 10G fiber to the house for $300 per month, the same price I'm paying Comcast now for 2Gbps. Another ISP called US Internet, located in Minneapolis, MN, offers residential fiber connections up to 10G in both directions for $300, or 2.5Gbps for $100/month—a third of what I'm paying in San Jose.

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I mean you can get 10gig in certain places

But damn, then download speeds 😩

How fast is 10G fiber? You'd have to use a NVMe PCIe SSD, like Intel's 750 series SSD, just to be able to write whatever it is you're downloading. GTA5 would have downloaded in less than 1 minute (assuming Steam could keep up).

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Finally my system would be the download bottleneck

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At this point, I have to say I probably have faster Internet speeds than 99.999% of the US, and probably the world in general.
In a chat with Comcast's PR team, I was asked, "So what are you doing with such insane speeds?"

I said, "Downloading huge things illegally." We both had a good laugh, and then there was some silence. They then asked what it was like having 2 gigabit fiber metro Ethernet piped directly into my room.

I said, "It's fucking awesome."

A big thanks to Callie N., and Tyler K., from the west coast fiber concierge team for making the adventure so awesome.

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan is the Editor-in-Chief of Maximum PC,

the main problem with something like 10g internet is that the servers you hitting might not even have a gigabit connection.


id be ok if that were my only internet issue

that 300gb cap would be your first problem. lol. less than a second at 10g internet. that would be at 1GB/s

no cap on that service

Comcast actually calls this service metro Ethernet, as it's technically a fully dedicated line. The bandwidth is guaranteed and there are no caps. I was given a dedicated IP address for the 2Gbps service. Here's the crazy thing: one of the 1Gbps copper ports on the Juniper box is provisioned to supply a full 1Gbps (up and down) line, independent of the 2Gbps service. So essentially, I have a dedicated two gigabit line and a dedicated one gigabit line."endquote


How does it feel to be able to DDOS people with nothing but your home internet upload speed?


Right? How does it feel to be able to ddos all of Ohio?


Not to be pedantic but it wouldn't be a DDOS with only one machine.

Also what is the point of this thread? You have fast download speeds. What are you going to do with it?

You could do a 4k or HDR media server that would be neat.

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The gigabit connection I have at work is to replicate 22+ servers overnight with new training images and is used to host 40 virtual classrooms from my site so probably something like that I'd guess :)

I've thought about upgrading my home line to the 300 mbps but then I'd be utilizing the service even less than I do now in reality but pay more for the privilege so I'll stick to my current 76 mbps line.

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I would love to have even 10mbs I would upgrade my personal servers if I did. But with the bandwidth restrictions there isn't a point.

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Dam I thought I had the fastest Internet on the site

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Congrats OP. Glad to know we'll be having the next LAN Syndicate at your house ;)

i was just tearing quotes from an article,
that dude lives about 30 minutes away from me tho


OP ... just *******.

I hate you.

I hate everyone in this thread who has faster internet than me.

kicks century link shitty ADSL modem/router

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